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Meowy Meet!

My name is Pixie. I'm a member of the Cat Squad, headed by our human, the mysterious Fey Morgaina - at least that is what we call her on here since we cannot divulge her real identity. (Actually, we just really like our cat treats, so we pretend to be very good.) But as I was meowing, I'm a member of the Cat Squad and this is our website. On here are pics of us in action - or not. No, we are not lazy. Contrary to popular belief, cats are not lazy. We are just resting, waiting for our next assignment.

Other members of the Cat Squad are Poupon and Dove. They are actually my mom and dad, so as you can imagine they raised me as part of the Squad. Well, that's enough of an introduction, I suppose, as I really shouldn't divulge more about the Cat Squad.

Hope you enjoy our pics.
Meowy Part

Note: "Cat Squad" and concept created by C. J. Chow.
All photos courtesy of C. J. Chow

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