Brigid's Flame is my dedication to the goddess Brigid (pronounced as "breed"), who has lighted my path and provided the inspiration for this website and its concept. Brigid's Flame is a long term project. In the near future, the website will undergo vast development. I will be providing information on topics of healing (which includes Reiki), health, and wellness. A part of wellness is spiritual development, a topic of which I have great interest.

I firmly believe that everyone's spiritual development is the key to resolving many of the problems in this world, but first we must start at the smallest level - each individual must grow, evolve, and develop spiritually. Only then will we be able to unite together and overcome many of the obstacles that stand in the way of humanity. The world as it exists now is not entirely conducive to spiritual growth, although changes are occurring. People are now realizing a greater need for spirituality, not to be confused with religion. Spirituality is as unique as each individual and does not subscribe to any one religion. What I believe is not necessarily what another believes. Spirituality has the goal of developing each person's true potential, which ultimately, I think, develops the potential of the human race as a whole. If the human race is to continue to develop in this new millenium, each person needs to develop their potential and a strong spiritual foundation is key to doing this. Only when we can finally unite under a common goal, albeit with different spiritualities, will the human race live up to its true potential. What that is I do not know for certain, but I believe it is something good. One thing is for certain though - we need to resolve the problems in the world and we need to overcome the suffering that exists. A brighter future looms ahead for humanity. Do we reach out for it with both our hands or do we let it fade into the background never to be attained? The decision is up to YOU. I've made my decision and I'm reaching out now. One thought stays clear in my mind - we are all interconnected. Without each other, we fail and cannot succeed.

Ultimately, Brigid's Flame has something important to say to the world. Hopefully, Brigid's Flame will speak to those who seek it and the numbers of those who seek it will grow. In the future, perhaps Brigid's Flame will inspire others to speak out as it has done with me.