A fundamental part of my spiritual path has been creative writing. This has always been something I've been interested in since adolescence. Creative writing has become more important to me now. Not only am I often required to write creatively for Wiccan rituals, it is very important for me to express myself. Just as art can be used to help spiritual development, creative writing can be used as well, as you will get to know yourself through your writing.

Most of the creative writing I do now is pagan oriented. I have found in the past few years that I was being inspired by the spiritual path I follow and at times interesting thoughts would come to my head. In the pages that follow I present some of my creative writing endeavours. In reviewing my creative writing from the past until recent, I have noticed some changes and some consistencies. It is quite amusing and provided me some insight into how much I have developed spiritually over the years.

It gives me pleasure to be able to share some of my writing with others (even if at times the writing is only mediocre at best). In any case, I hope you enjoy them and are amused by the journey shown in the writing.

A Dedication
My Ritual-based Writing
My Creative Writing
My Creative Writing (the early years)

I am also quite pleased to be able to provide a separate pagan poetry page, displaying the talents of a pagan friend of mine. Please see "Pagan Poems" for some truly pagan inspired poetry.