Chakras are often mentioned in connection with reiki; however, chakras were never part of the healing system created by Mikao Usui (Usui being Japanese would have been more likely to work with meridians). Regardless, I feel that knowledge of the chakra system is important to any healing work. In addition, reiki is an energy that is similar, if not the same, as the other energy described in other systems (e.g., qi). Thus, it is only natural that reiki would work with the chakra system, another energy system.

Chakras are from East Indian spiritual practices and the word chakra is Sanskrit for "wheel". Chakras are described as "spinning wheels of light" and are part of the etheric body of each individual. There are many chakras in the human body with each chakra said to be connected to different organs or parts or systems of the body. Chakras may be open or closed. Generally, closed chakras indicate an unhealthy outlook on life. Open chakras are considered to be equivalent to being spiritually open leading to overall happiness in life. The chakras are all connected as a system. Like any system, occasionally the chakras may become imbalanced. One chakra may be under-active and another may be over-active. These imbalances are what may cause disruptions in a person's life. Often an imbalance in one's life is a reflection of the imbalance in one's chakra system. There are various methods of balancing chakras. Reiki provides one method to balancing chakras by using a whole body treatment. In addition, Reiki can be used specifically on one chakra to help with the issues related to that chakra.

Below is the most commonly known chakra system consisting of seven chakras. Each chakra is listed with various correspondences. As can be seen below, the chakras relate to the colours in the colour spectrum. Thus, chakras naturally work well with colour healing.

Crown Chakra
Sanskrit name: Sahasrara
Colour: violet or purple
Key phrase: I know
Endocrine system: pineal gland
Body organs/parts: spinal cord, brain stem, pain center of brain, nerves
Issues: consciousness of oneness, spiritual awareness, extended consciousness, wisdom, intuition, universal connection

Third Eye (Brow) Chakra
Sanskrit name: Ajna
Colour: indigo
Key phrase: I see
Endocrine system: pituitary gland
Body organs/parts: skull, eyes, all the sense organs, the brain, nervous system
Issues: psychic perception, clairvoyance, telepathy, thought, inner vision, inspiration, spiritual awakening

Throat Chakra
Sanskrit name: Vishudda
Colour: blue
Key phrase: I speak
Endocrine system: thyroid
Body organs/parts: mouth, teeth, tongue, jaw, throat, neck, vocal cords
Issues: self-expression, communication, creativity, sense of responsibility, divine communication

Heart Chakra
Sanskrit name: Anahata
Colour: green
Key phrase: I love
Endocrine system: thymus
Body organs/parts: heart, lungs, respiratory system, immune system, upper back, arms, hands
Issues: center of emotions, universal love, peace, harmony, trust, spiritual development, compassion, giving and receiving

Solar Plexus Chakra
Sanskrit name: Manipura
Colour: yellow
Key phrase: I can
Endocrine system: pancreas
Body organs/parts: stomach, liver, gall bladder, small intestine
Issues: power, energy, dominance, strength, fear, confidence, indomitable spirit

Sacral Chakra
Sanskrit name: Svadhisthana
Colour: orange
Key phrase: I see
Endocrine system: testes (gonads), ovaries
Body organs/parts: abdominal area, reproductive organs, urogenital system, kidneys, spleen, large intestine
Issues: vitality, enjoyment of life, pleasure, self-esteem, refinement of feelings, relationships, desire, sexuality

Root Chakra
Sanskrit name: Muladhara
Colour: red
Key phrase: I have
Endocrine system: adrenal glands, suprarenal
Body organs/parts: circulatory system, skeletal system, rectum, descending colon, bladder, hips, legs and feet
Issues: primal life force, will to live, survival, fertility, procreation, stability, security, grounding, centering

In addition to affecting the above 7 chakras, reiki specifically makes use of the hand (palm) chakras to provide healing. The energy is said to come down through the crown chakra and eventually to the hands. Through the hands, reiki passes from the channel to the receiver. The feet chakras are useful in helping to ground energy before and after a reiki treatment.


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