Spiritual consultations (divination) are offered as part of Brigid's Flame. This is done as a way to maintain a balance between the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual. Through the divination process insight is often revealed.

Oftentimes, we may go through life feeling confused. This confusion can sometimes be due to not knowing what is going on in the spiritual level in our lives. Divination can bring to the surface what may often lie hidden in the spiritual level. For example, sometimes one may feel like something is wrong even though nothing apparently is. She may have a good job, a good home, a stable life, but something just feels wrong. Perhaps there are underlying issues that this person is not addressing, such as not being fulfilled at work or doubting that she is following the right path in life. Through divination such as tarot or runes, one may discover that perhaps she might be better following a different path. Perhaps a career change is needed or a change in home.

Sometimes, the issues that come up in a spiritual consultation session may be hard to deal with and sometimes the issues involve some sort of change (small or large). This may be frightening for some people. Most people are often afraid of change, fearing the unknown. However, divination helps with these fears by giving one a "heads-up", allowing one to prepare for the change that is about to come or even allowing one to embrace the change(s).

Sometimes divination can provide assurance that a person is following the "right" path for oneself. Sometimes one can have doubts about what is going on in one's life and often one needs some encouragement. In this case, spiritual consultations can be a way to provide support for what one is doing.

Ultimately, though, a spiritual consultation provides a forum where a person can discuss issues with someone whom they feel comfortable with, someone who can listen without judgment and without bias.

I provide spiritual consultations using tarot combined with astrology and/or numerology. The consultation may be enhanced with runes or the I Ching.

If you are interested in a spiritual consultation, please contact me at the email address below. Please note I only provide consultations in-person. I am located in Toronto, Canada. The client is allowed to and encouraged to take notes during the consultation. All spiritual consultations are completely confidential.

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