The Brigid's Flame logo consists of flames coming out of a lotus. The lotus, a type of water lily, can be found in many places. It has over the years gained meaning and symbolism - commonly rebirth and enlightenment. Here is a brief look at some of the meanings of the lotus.

Egypt has two native species of lotus - white and blue. A third species, pink, was introduced from Persia. Lotus is featured in Egyptian art - the blue lotus being the most common. For the Egyptians, the lotus symbolized the sun and rebirth. This was because the lotus was observed to close at night and sink underwater only to re-emerge and bloom again in the day, similar to the sun. A creation myth originating in Heliopolis describes how the lotus gave birth to the sun god, Atum. First there was the primeval waters called Nun and out of Nun came the lotus. When the lotus blossomed, the sun god, Atum, stepped forth. Another creation myth says that the sun god, Ra, formed from Nun, emerged from the lotus. As a rebirth symbol, the lotus was associated with the god Osiris and his cult. Osiris is the Egyptian god of the dead. He is also the dying and resurrected god. Images of Osiris include showing the Four Sons of Horus standing on a lotus in front of Osiris. In the Book of the Dead, "transforming oneself into a lotus" is synonomous with resurrection.

In Mesopotamia, the lotus or water lily (notice "lil" in lily) is the flower of Lilith, the Sumerian-Babylonian goddess claimed by some to be Adam's first wife.

The lotus can also be found in Indian and Oriental mythologies. The Hindu creation myth says that the golden lotus was brought forth from the primordial waters and that the Hindu trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are each found seated on a golden lotus. Vishnu is said to have slept on a lotus and then had a lotus stem issue from his naval. Brahma, the creator god, is said to have sat on the lotus while he performed his creative work comprised of spirit and matter (or fire and water). The consort to Vishnu, Lakshmi, came forth from the ocean upon a white lotus. Lakshmi is the goddess of wisdom and compassion. Some compare her to the Roman goddess, Venus. In addition, the "lotus bearer" in Hindu mythology is Padmapani, who holds a lotus in each of his four hands.

In Buddhism, it is said that the night Gautama Buddha was conceived a huge lotus grew from the earth. This was synonomous with the golden lotus of Brahma. Buddha later became enlightened and associated with the lotus. Buddha sitting on an open lotus is a popular image of enlightenment or spiritual unfoldment. A common Buddhist meditation mantra is Om mani padme hum which means "jewel in the heart of the lotus".

The Chinese goddess, Kuan Yin, is also associated with the lotus. Kuan Yin is thought to be a goddess transformed from Padmapani in Hindu mythology. She has many of the same attributes of Lakshmi - wisdom, compassion, beauty. In addition, Kuan Yin has a healing aspect. In her incarnation as Miao Shan, she healed her own father despite his efforts to prevent her from becoming an enlightened one.

The lotus definitely has many meanings. For me, it has more meaning as "lotus" is my Chinese name (in Chinese it is called "lin-fa", lotus flower). After having the logo for this website done, it dawned on me why the lotus symbol was perfect for this website. Not only was it part of me already (having been named for it), it was a symbol of healing and enlightenment - the exact purpose of this website. In designing the logo, I wanted to have something that was distinctly me and yet represented the goals of this website. I find it strangely coincidental that my parents named me after a flower associated with healing and enlightenment in some manner. Kuan Yin is quite popular in Chinese culture that no doubt she was the reason for me being named after the lotus. Kuan Yin to me has the same kind of energy as the Celtic goddess, Brighid, for which this site is named. Strangely too, nearly two years ago, as part of a new year's divination and a gift from a High Priestess, I drew a lotus knot pendant. Since that time, I have worked on this website with a clear purpose. Perhaps there really is some connecting thread between my parents, myself, and what I aim to do in this life.

The following is a call I wrote to Kuan Yin for a healing ritual earlier this year. I have modified it to ask for her blessing on this site.

Kwannon, goddess of compassion
Loved and adored goddess
You are as radiant as gold and as gentle as the moonbeam
The moon is your companion
The wind is your friend
Kuan Shih Yin, goddess of mercy
One who hears the cries of the world
Remover of sorrow and grief
Patron of mothers and sailors
Protector of young women
Giver of children
Queen of the Isle of P'u T'o
One who floats on a water-lily
Bearer of the pearls of illumination
You were once known as Avalokitesvara
God who listens to all prayers in times of sorrow
Kuan Yin, Enlightened One
In story you are Miao Shan, daughter of a King
Who gave up the kingdom for Buddhahood
You asked to stay on earth until all suffering had ended
Forsaking your place in the heavenly worlds
Until we are all liberated and enlightened
Come, bless this site
Share with us your healing waters, the Water of Life
Teach us compassion, mercy, and loving kindness
Kannon, Kuan Shih Yin, Miao Shan
We welcome you into our hearts
Blessed be.