Spiritual development has never been more important than it is today. In a society where conglomerates are gods and money is the world's idol, now more than ever is it necessary for each individual and society as a whole to find a sense of spirituality. Such is the purpose of this website and this section in particular. The focus here is on developing your own sense of spirituality and sense of spiritual being regardless of which faith, belief system, religion, or spiritual path you may choose.

In the following pages, we will explore various topics that deal with spiritual development such as what is spirituality, what is religion, what is spirit, and what is deity. We will also look at how to develop spiritually, which means that we will explore religion(s) in some detail as well as look at some unconventional methods for developing spiritually, such as creative expression.

As mentioned in my biography page, I have studied paganism and Wicca predominantly, which at the very least led me to explore different mythologies, from classic Greco-Roman to Mesoamerican (Mayan, Incan, Aztec). My studies have also included Native traditions, Buddhism, Taoism, Celtic mythology and spirituality, Mesoamerican mythology and basically any other mythologies out there.

While I have an intellectual and academic curiosity about religions, I generally prefer to focus on spirituality, placing an emphasis on the individual's happiness rather than on appeasing a deity or deities. I've always been philosophical, and "religious" isn't an adjective that suits me. Generally though, I feel that each religion can have its merits and value (even if it seems hard to see sometimes).

Because I have more knowledge about spiritual practices that I've been involved with (i.e., paganism and Wicca) and/or currently follow (lately, I've been more Taoist and Buddhist mixed with a core love and reverence for nature), I will be focused more on writing about those than others with which I am unfamiliar.

While I have not as of yet been able to fully work on this section, I'm happy to provide the following articles and subsections.

Spirituality vs. Religion - What's the Difference? (Please read this article as it provides practical definitions for spirituality and religion, as well as deity and spirit.)

A Witch's Curriculum of Study (Here you will find a list of subjects that I studied during my years at the WCC.)

Wicca - Modern Witchcraft

Creative Expression for Spiritual Growth (This article discusses how creative expression can be important to spiritual development. In this subsection, I have posted some of my ritual writing, creative writing, and visual artwork as a few examples of using creative expression for spiritual development.)

In the future I will be adding more articles to this section - don't forget to check this website often for something new.