The writing I do outside of ritual writing is primarily pagan inspired and highly spiritually motivated. What follows below are mostly untitled pieces of words strung together forming an idea, some concept that struck me as interesting.

Stripped away
all my fears
my longings
Defence Mechanisms
no longer needed
All that is left...
is me

I tread the path of light and dark
I live in both this world and the spirit world
One day I will leave one for the other

Light and dark are complements
Chaos exists when either one is not acknowledged or accepted -
balance and peace is achieved when both are accepted equally
Yin and yang must co-exist together and both contain an essence of each other
Without sadness one would never know happiness
Without day there would be no night


Once upon a time...
a girl fell in love - or rather, she thought she did. It was just in her nature to do so, you see. To fall in love time and time again, not really knowing the meaning of love. And so, love was not meant to be. It was elusive, evading, always there, but not quite within reach.
The girl, now growing up, suffered many broken hearts - not quite understanding, understanding why - love could not be - for her, as it was for others. For she could not see through the illusions others created to make her see what was not exactly true.
The girl is now grown into this beautiful woman. Now she finally sees, understands what she did not before. Love was always there. It will always be there. She only had to look within - to discover that the truth to the mystery of love was in her power all along. She only had to channel that power through her to KNOW that there was love. She had to stop seeing people's illusions, to start looking through them, to realize that love is not always how others project it to be. She had to perceive more than what others sent to her. She had to define it for herself.
Now, for this woman grown from a little girl - love is real, love exists, love just is. Love is not an illusion someone has given her to see - because now she understands, she feels love. It flows through her - near and far. And so, she has fallen deeply in love. In love - with the world that she knows can be much more beautiful - with the one person who has shown her that freedom is possible, another life is possible - and with her self. The self that was always with her. She has finally found love because she has found her self. And so, she will live happily ever after, no matter who else she loves because she loves her self.


My heart longs to be free
Soaring high over the skies
With only my love to carry me

My heart longs to be free
Basking peacefully in the sun
With only my love to protect me

My heart longs to be free
Floating languidly over the sea
With only my love to guide me

My heart longs to be free
Playing joyfully in the sand
With only my love...
to find me

Lead by example, not by words
those who will listen will observe
good actions, brought about by a
good mind, obeying a
good soul, within

As a Wiccan/pagan, I learned of the concept of maiden, mother, crone as a life cycle for women. While the concept is nice in theory, not all women enter the mother stage of life. Indeed, things are different now than they were in the past and women (and men) can choose not to have children. For someone who does not intend or may never (due to whatever life complications) enter the stage of mother, this concept has no applicability. In fact, some women simply move from the stage of maiden to crone, skipping the mother stage. By typical Wiccan definitions, I am considered to be a maiden until my menses stops, at which time I will be considered a crone. However, I don't often feel maidenly - in fact, many days I feel warrior-like. Thus, it was one day as I was pondering these labels that are often used, that I came up with the below piece of writing. I should note here that while the life cycle of maiden, mother, crone does not suit me, I still respect that there are still many women who follow that life cycle. Being a maiden or a mother is still a very beautiful and sacred thing - same with being a crone.

I should also note the use of the word "priestess" in this poem. I have purposely used the lower case "p" in the word "priestess" as I am not referring to the title of "Priestess", which is bestowed on a woman by a religious authority.


I am neither maiden
I do not run carefree through the rain,
wearing only my T-shirt and shorts,
splashing muddy water over my shoes and feet

Nor am I mother
eternally worrying over my child's actions,
joyful at the sight of her first steps, her first words,
running at the sound of her cry

Nor am I crone
I am not wise beyond my years,
indeed, I have not so many years behind me as I do in front,
I do not advise and counsel many generations birthed after me


Maiden, mother, crone
Maiden, mother, crone
Maiden, mother, crone

These are not the only stages of my life which I may live

I am student
studying and graspng at concepts and ideas I have yet to learn,
contemplating these new ideas, discussing with others,
and working towards always more knowledge,
hoping to transform knowledge to wisdom

I am teacher
helping others with the wisdom I have achieved already,
using wisdom transformed out of knowledge,
leading other students I once was like
by my example rather than commanding by words

I am priestess
I am a follower of the old ways turned new,
daughter devoted to the ancient Goddess and Horned One,
dedicated to the craft I am to learn and to the path I have chosen to be mine,
teaching myself from my own inner wisdom

I do not fit any label, but my own that I define for myself
yet, even these I may shed and cast aside.

Let my hands speak
If I cannot speak
Let my hands speak for me
If I cannot speak the words I wish to say
If words fail me
Let my hands provide the language I need


Beautiful dark-haired child of the Goddess
Fly with my crow, my raven
Into my deep, dark wells
Sink within and take my hand...

Morgan Le Fey, Morgan of the Faeries,
beloved sister of Arturius, Priestss of Avalon,
descendent of Morrighan, Morrigu, Morrigna -
triple goddess (Badb, Macha, Anu),
crow or raven is her symbol
great warrior goddess

For you
my devotion
derives from the freedom you give me
letting me
be me

The beats start, my hands and body move...
drum, dance, free the soul!
My hands and arms are numb,
it is a good numbness...
I want to be numb.
The Goddess speaks... listen!
She speaks through me
through my hands, pounding on the dried skin of the drum
She speaks through me
through my body swaying, dancing barefoot on the cool ground
I am she, she is me
Together we dance, we play, we drum together

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