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Here are the first pieces of watercolour I did. It was purely experimental, me not having had any formal training in using watercolours or any clear idea how to use watercolours. (Please note: for an enlargement of each picture, please click on it.)



As you can see, I didn't really have an idea of what I wanted to create when I did these two above. I ended up just picking some colours that suited my mood. In the end, I named these two above for what I was feeling at the time of making the pictures.

The idea for the next picture came to me as I drew the first few lines. I realized I was making a cross, then I decided that I would put a pentagram over the cross. I knew at that point that the picture was going to be called "Beliefs". Afterwards, I just filled in the rest of the picture with colour. As you can see, there are two images of "Beliefs". The second image is merely an inversion of the colours in the first (original) image. As I was playing around with the imaging software on the computer, I thought the inversion of colours added an interesting appeal to the pictures.



The next picture, "Manifestation", is actually one of my favourites so far. Again, I have inverted the original to come up with a variation. I still can't decide which colour scheme I like best.



The idea for "Manifestation" was inspired by the Wiccan tradition of blessing the wine in the chalice during ritual. The wine blessing calls upon both god and goddess to imbue their energy in the wine so that after we drink, we may manifest in our own lives the blessings given to us from the deities. The picture represents energy coming from the deities being manifested within the wine in the chalice below.

There are more original pictures that are inverted, as you will see in the next page.

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