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Pluto square natal Pluto and the Neptune-Pluto sextile

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Note for the beginner astrologer, you may need to read up on transits first and review how to interpret your natal horoscope to understand this blog entry.

Pluto square natal Pluto occurs earlier than many astrologers thought it would. In some of the older astrological texts, it is written that Pluto won’t square your natal Pluto until at least age 40. In another, it says the earliest is age 36. Well, my generation got those astrologers beat, as Pluto squared my natal Pluto when I was 32. (Astrologers are supposedly stargazers, but I’ve often thought some didn’t spend much time with astronomy. If they did, perhaps they could have predicted this early Pluto square natal Pluto.)

Pluto is currently at 29 degrees 5 minutes Sagittarius, retrograding to 28 degrees 30 minutes on September 29th this year then moving direct again. Additionally, Pluto and Neptune have been in sextile aspect since approximately 1940. Anyone born after that time will already have a Neptune-Pluto sextile in their natal horoscopes, indicating a near universal attraction to spiritual pursuits and matters of the subconscious and unconscious mind. If you were born between 1970 and 1974, you may be feeling the effects of Pluto making a square transit to your natal Pluto, also reinforcing the Neptune-Pluto sextile since this aspect is still a transiting one. In your natal chart, this means that you would have Pluto located in late Virgo to early Libra. As Pluto is currently in retrograde motion until September 29th this year, this means that the Pluto square should affect those with a natal Pluto at about 24 or 25 degrees Virgo (assuming an orb of four or five degrees for the transiting influence). For those readers who don’t know anything about their horoscope, you may get your horoscope done at for free and quickly look to see what degree and sign Pluto is in. Those with natal Pluto in late Virgo should be feeling the final effects of the transiting Pluto square as Pluto retrogrades and then moves direct later this autumn. For those with natal Pluto in early Libra, the effects of the transiting Pluto square are just getting started. The full effects of any transiting planetary aspect to your chart occurs when the transiting planet makes an exact aspect. The duration of this transiting Pluto aspect is roughly six years give or take a few depending on whether or not Pluto has a few more retrograde cycles. The six-year estimate I’m giving here for this transit is based on my personal chart, which shows that transiting Pluto will be square my natal Pluto for at least another three or four years (depending on the orb you are assuming for the transiting effects – I think my astrology program has set the orb for squares at 7 degrees). According to my astrology program, the Pluto square my natal Pluto started near the beginning of 2006.

What does this mean though? Pluto in the horoscope represents long-term changes, it deals with the subconscious and the unconscious mind, and it also relates to power and control. Pluto’s location in the natal horoscope shows how a person deals with change, how they view power and control, and the nature of their subconscious and unconscious mind. As I mentioned, everyone born since approximately 1940, already has a Neptune-Pluto sextile indicating a near universal attraction to spiritual pursuits and matters of the subconscious and unconscious mind. How someone deals with this natal aspect depends on if the Neptune-Pluto sextile is aspected by any of the faster-moving planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn – also considered the traditional astrological planets). Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are slow-moving planets, which is why the influences of these planets or aspects between them are considered to be generational influences.

Having established what Pluto means in your chart, the transiting Pluto making a square to your natal Pluto means that changes will be occurring during this time and you will be inclined to some inner-soul searching. What kind of changes and how you deal with them depends again on other factors in your chart, notably whether or not the transiting Pluto and accompanying Neptune sextile are aspected by any of the faster-moving planets. Some astrologers may also feel that the Pluto square your natal Pluto has no effect unless there is an aspect to any of the faster-moving planets. I am of the opinion that it affects you regardless, but that any aspects to any of the faster-moving planets will indicate how you should deal with the Pluto square natal Pluto and the reinforcing of the Neptune-Pluto sextile.

Using my own personal horoscope to illustrate, my natal chart has the generational Neptune-Pluto sextile, but this sextile is influenced by Jupiter making a trine to Pluto and a sextile to Neptune. Jupiter in my chart is in Aquarius and in Jupiter’s own house, the 9th. This very likely indicates my interest in occult philosophy and studies. Because we are dealing with Pluto making a tough transit to my natal Pluto, let’s see if there are an easy aspects in my natal chart. There is one, Neptune sextile the Sun. This would give my core personality a little bit of a dreamy quality, make me somewhat drawn to fantastical ideas. For me, this actually makes me love watching fantasy or sci-fi movies or shows. So, this is one way of coping with the Pluto square my natal Pluto. Compounding this is the Neptune-Pluto sextile because Neptune as it turns out is transiting my Midheaven (MC). In fact, it has passed my MC and then went retrograde. It’s going to retrograde and cross backwards over my MC on my birthday. (Eek!) I’ve managed to determine that Neptune’s transit has affected my career and life goals. In fact, this transit makes someone who was sure about their life path start to question everything. It may also bring to light any false spiritual teachers. Funny enough, I decided to drop my spiritual studies at a church (not that my teacher was “false” in any way, it just wasn’t for me) and I have just gone through some major changes in my life, but it is most notable that my spiritual life has changed (aside from doing things with my boyfriend, I’m pretty much a solitary pagan again). Because Neptune was causing so much uncertainty and casting some illusions in my natal horoscope and because I happen to like fantasy and sci-fi, as it turned out, I was happiest during this Pluto transit watching sci-fi shows and various movies that pulled me into a different world than this. Granted, continual escapism isn’t a good thing. All things in moderation right? Luckily for me, I was able to draw on my natal Saturn to help me through this transit too. In my natal chart, Saturn and Pluto are square to each other. This helps me deal with change responsibly. Pluto means change and Saturn means responsible. Saturn is also in my first house, which indicates that at the core, I’m quite responsible. Thus, I wouldn’t be caught in continual escapism. I would always deal with reality, but of course, on my own terms. Because of all the changes going on in my life and that I wanted to take responsibility for my life, I went through old notes and papers, and boxes of stuff that needed to be sorted through for a while now. There was a lot that was no longer needed or useful to me because of my life changes. In the end, I must have recycled 30 plus reams of paper. I also put some things away and re-organized some of my personal keepsakes. (I really need a nice chest for this stuff.) I have to say having done all this has helped me move on with the changes that have happened so far in my life. Magically speaking the physical clearing out of outdated, needless stuff helps clear things out mentally and spiritually. I felt afterwards that I was more able to concentrate and work on the things I needed to work on now. I should also note that Pluto is recently trine to my natal Mars, which explains why I would feel it is easier to take action now to help facilitate any changes needed.

Having looked at how the Pluto and Neptune transits affects your natal horoscope, you should also look at all the transits occurring. Some days I noticed it was easier to leave my “bubble” because the moon was making positive aspects to my natal horoscope that would offset the effects of the Pluto square natal Pluto and the Neptune on my MC. The moon transits really do make a difference. Pleasant Venus transits to your natal chart will help you deal with others, and easy Mercury transits will help you communicate during this Pluto transit.

So, if you’re going through this Pluto square natal Pluto thing, don’t despair, just hold on and be patient. Sometimes change is for the better. If you have to deal with other people on a day-to-day basis, let them know to be patient with you and that you may be going through a rough time (depending on whether or not this transit affects your fast-moving planets in your natal horoscope, but you don’t have to tell them that). Look carefully at your natal chart and see if there are ways to deal with the effects of Pluto in a pleasant way.

I hope this has helped clear up any anxieties about this Pluto transit. “The only constant is change.”



Rambling thoughts

So you must have been thinking “Where did Cassandrah go?” since I haven’t been blogging as much as usual. I think there just wasn’t much I wanted to publish and share on here (mostly because there were a ton of things better not said). I’ve now moved on and started working on my own projects again, which gives me the freedom to write, write, write to my heart’s content about the various things I’m working on. 😀

Life has been better for me lately. I was in a little slump for a bit there, adjusting, re-prioritizing, re-organizing, and re-vamping my life. As Nate has commented, I’m always happier when I’m training. I’ve been back at the do jang again, and it does feel good. It feels good to know that I can go and I don’t have to think about much else afterwards but for a nice meal of protein and carbs and a hot bath to soothe my aching muscles.

Ah, but I do have my own little projects. Thankfully, I can go at my own pace. I still have my many interests and the focus for my website hasn’t changed much. I will still be working with reiki and will be offering reiki courses again in the new year (date to be posted later). I still believe there is a connection between the Japanese healing art and martial arts and I’d like to explore that further.

During this past year, I started studying astrology again in more depth. I think I’ve got a firm understanding of interpreting the basic (natal) horoscope, that is, at least how to study the basic (natal) horoscope. I’m currently keeping track of transits and observing how it affects me and in general everyone else. The most recent transit occurred today at 3:25 a.m. when Mars turned retrograde (that is, it appears to travel backwards in the sky due to Earth travelling faster and overtaking Mars relative to our observation of the background stars). What effect does Mars turning retrograde have? So far, I’ve observed a drop in attendance at the do jang this past week, perhaps a build-up to the actual retrograde? Yesterday was peculiar. As I arrived at the do jang and started walking down the stairs, I didn’t hear the usual sounds of kicking and chatter as people train. I realized I had arrived just in time for my class and the previous class had already finished. It turns out most people had already left – the few who actually came to train. Asking a few people, I was told the previous class was quiet too and some people were running late. (I was a tad late for class and so was another girl.) Huh? Interesting. Mars is currently in Cancer. Now that it’s turned retrograde, will this make people prone to just staying at home reflecting on their own thoughts? The strange thing is that I feel like training! I feel just as active as if Mars was in Aries, but then again I have a Mars in Aries in my natal horoscope. Perhaps people overall will feel less aggressive, which might be a good thing. Perhaps let the people with Mars in Aries in their horoscopes be the aggressive ones, huh? It would save everyone some grief. You really can’t be more aggressive than someone with a Mars in Aries, you really can’t. A Sun in Aries comes close, but not quite, unless you have the Sun and Mars in Aries like I know a certain someone has. 😉 Quite interesting. The Mars retrograde will end on January 30, 2008.

Speaking of training, here’s a short update:

October 12, 2007 – I went for a mile run.
October 15, 2007 – I went for a run, 1.5 miles. Later, I went to the do jang, then went to the gym for my usual workout. I even added five minutes on the bicycle to loosen up my knee and get the fluid in the joint moving.
October 17, 2007 – I went to the do jang and then the gym after.
October 19, 2007 – I went for a run. I think I broke it up into two parts – one mile, then a 3/4 mile run back.
November 2, 2007 – After a few weeks off training, I went for a 1.5 mile run and then to the gym.
November 7, 2007 – I went running again (1 mile), and then headed to the gym.
November 9, 2007 – A short run, and then the gym again.
November 12, 2007 – I went to the do jang after missing it for a few weeks. (I was still in a bit of a slump and with the Mercury retrograde in the last few weeks of October, I ended up taking a retrospective look at my music collection and doing a cleanup. Yay! for Mercury being direct as of November 1 because now I can write again.) I went to the gym after the do jang.
November 13, 2007 – I went for a mile run. My time was 8 minutes 53 seconds – a tad slow, but getting closer to my fastest time which was achieved in the warmer months. You technically run a little slower in the colder months because of the weight of the extra clothes you are wearing. The more clothes you have on, the more drag pulling you back when you are running.
November 14, 2007 – I went to the do jang and then to the gym.

I have been reading again lately. While I was mulling over my thoughts on what to do, I picked up some manga and a graphic novel series called Fables. (I started to get into the graphic novels after I read Emily the Strange.) Fables is amusing. The artwork is quite good in my opinion, and the stories are quite interesting – a reimagining of our traditional fairy tales. The author has found a way to weave many of the traditional fairy tales and create a fantasy world. The base story is that all the “fables” (fairy tale creatures) have been forced to leave their “homelands” due to an evil emperor known by them only as the “Adversary”. The first collection of the comics into novel format is called “Legends in Exile” where we find out that the fables have been living in New York City in a hidden community called “Fabletown”. Non-human fables live on a farm in upstate New York. I’m currently reading book six, and my favourite fables are Bigby Wolf and Snow White! Curious yet? Go get the novels.

Okay, I think that’s enough of my rambling thoughts this cool November day. There’s enough there for you to mull over I think. Trust me, you’ll like Fables.

Perhaps I’ll be back later with a book review or two.

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A sense of normalcy?

Transitions. Change. That’s what life is about. It certainly seems that’s what my life is about. The only thing you can be certain of is that great ol’ oxymoron, constant change. My life is constantly changing. Sometimes what seems right at the time no longer fits in the puzzle of my life. Such is the conclusion I came to about two weeks before I finished my Summoner term (please see the blog entry just below this one). Letting go of something is never hard, especially when that something means letting go of something you thought was “right” for you. Thus, the past month and a half was a transition period for me. (Although I don’t think this transition has ended yet. Right now, I have Pluto square my natal Pluto and conjunct my descendant in Sagittarius – it’s been there for a while now. This transit is joined now by Jupiter conjunct my descendant – it started on September 24th this year. Eek! Can you say major change?! More on that later.)

Lucky for me, I’ve always had martial arts. Nothing is more important to me than being fit and healthy (healthy on all realms, physical, mental, spiritual). Martial arts has always been a spiritual path for me and it remains so. I have missed the do jang this past year. I’ve missed not being around for some of the changes that have occurred there. Now, I’m happy to be able to devote my time to it again.

I’m also lucky I learned to appreciate running. It’s hard at times. I admit some days I don’t want to be out there in the cold or in the sweltering humidity, but running helps me connect with nature as well as myself. It helps me focus and forget about all the silly nonsense that goes on in this world. There is nothing but just me and nature. Earth, air, fire, water, and (my) spirit.

There is no doubt in my mind that martial arts and running (and also weight training – I love it, I must be crazy, but I love having sore muscles) have kept me sane this past year. No doubt they helped ease the transitions I am going through. Below is my training log for the past few months:

August 21 – I went for a mile run. It was just about an 8 minute mile pace. 😀 After the run, I went to the gym.
August 23 – I went to the do jang
August 28 – I went for another run (15 minutes 30 seconds), then went to the gym.
August 31 – I went for a short run (5 minutes 45 seconds, 1 km)
September 13 – I went for a 1.5 miles run (13 minutes 10 seconds)
September 14 – I went for a run (didn’t keep time), then to the gym
September 26 – I went for a mile run (8 minutes 54 seconds), then to the gym
September 27 – I went to the do jang
September 29 – Nate and I went on the 5.7 km route. We ran about 4.4 km in 32 minutes 34 seconds (slow, but good to do)
October 3 – I went to the do jang and then the gym
October 4 – I went to the do jang and took two classes back-to-back (We had a schedule change at the do jang. Now that we have enough black belts, we have a separate class for black belts and colour belts – the black belts can take either class. I took the black belt class and decided to take the colour belt class after.)

The long distance run on September 29th felt especially good. Some days I need to feel like I’m “going somewhere”. On those days, running makes me feel like I have the freedom to do anything. Nothing can stop me. There are no obstacles as long as I have air in my lungs and I have two legs to move.

Taekwondo class felt good. I’ve missed it so much. It felt good to be back. Unfortunately, this past week I didn’t feel quite up to anything. I was having a bout of insomnia. I really can’t train without proper sleep and rest.

The insomnia I think I can blame in part on the astrological transits in effect on my chart. Pluto and Jupiter both conjunct my descendant in Sagittarius. Though I’m not a professional astrologer, I can say that lately I’ve been feeling out of place, like I shouldn’t be here. The past few years or so I’ve been thinking more and more about moving somewhere. In fact, I always planned on living somewhere else at some point in my life. It’s started to feel like now is the time for this. Of course, I need to make plans and deal with a whole whack of stuff. This idea is both exciting and scary for me. Though there really isn’t much keeping me tied here anymore except for the do jang (I want to pack up Master Kim and his do jang and take it with me), it’s still scary leaving. I’ve lived here my whole life. I don’t know anyplace better than here. But then there’s this part of me that’s saying “anywhere but here”. Ah, the great unknown, scary but gotta love it.

So, am I back to normal? That really depends on your definition of “normal”. Life is always changing. Buddhism teaches that nothing is permanent. Nothing is permanent and we shouldn’t make attachments because nothing is permanent. A sense of normalcy implies permanence. If nothing is permanent, nothing is ever normal. My life is constantly changing, nothing is permanent. No, my life is not normal, but I make the best of it wherever I am.

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Books, books, and more books

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Most recently, I’ve been reading astrology books since The History of the Horoscope re-kindled my interest in the “ancient study of the stars”. After some searching I settled on buying a book called Aspects in Astrology by Sue Tompkins. It’s quite informative and provides a decent guideline of interpreting various aspects in a horoscope – always good to have a starting point. Another good astrology book is Robert Hand’s Planets in Transit. Like Tompkins’ book, Planets in Transit is a good guideline for interpretation, except for transits. Both these books describe the basic idea and theories behind interpretation and then give you interpretations with the caveat that you will always need to custom your interpretations to the individual horoscope.

Spending so much time studying (Western) astrology, I decided to study Chinese astrology in more depth. Years ago, I read Peter Shen’s The Traditional Art of Chinese Fortune Telling, which is quite amusing and practical. Recently, I picked up Derek Walters book, The Complete Guide to Chinese Astrology, which is about the best book on Chinese astrology you can get in the English language. Sadly though, I noted a few things in the book that were either incorrect or dubious. Most of the book was informative though. (I will recommend that you acquire the the 1992 edition of the book by Aquarian Press if you can as the appendices in the later editions of the book have been changed and instructions for their use are not clear. I also note that the missing line on page 64 reads “…the I Ching (see table opposite). Of the eight creatures allotted…” since the author has not cared to note this misprint in his own book.) I shall note also that this book by Derek Walters is lacking any real instructions on how to cast a Chinese horoscope. Of course that’s what his other books are for – you will want to read The Chinese Astrology Workbook and Ming Shu.

Chinese astrology is interesting because there are actually different branches of it – all of which are based on your birth time and date (according to the Chinese calendar, solar or lunar birth date – see my previous blogs about the complexities of the Chinese lunisolar calendar). One branch of Chinese astrology uses the I Ching. The Astrology of I Ching is the book that introduces this branch of Chinese astrology. The book consists of a translation of the “Ho Map Lo Map Rational Number” manuscript by W. K. Chu along with commentaries by W. A. Sherrill. It includes instructions for this branch of Chinese astrology along with the predictions. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in deepening their understanding of the I Ching and wanting to learn something of Chinese astrology.

After reading The Astrology of I Ching, I found a copy of The Numerology of the I Ching by Master Alfred Huang at the city library. It is an informative book and provides some interesting insights into the I Ching probably not found in other books. Based on this book, I would recommend getting his translation of the I Ching as I’m sure his insights have helped in translating the meanings of the I Ching hexagrams into English.

Then, after all the studying I decided to take a break. A change of reading material was in order and I was in need of something fun. I recently finished reading two children’s novels.

The first was a little book by Tolkien called Roverandom. The book is an amusing fantasy tale of a little dog who is turned into a toy by an impulsive (and perhaps thoughtless) wizard. The journey the little dog takes while a toy should bring you some cheer on a dismal day. Of course, the ending is a good one.

The second children’s novel was the first book in the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer. Artemis Fowl is a twelve-year-old millionaire genius and “criminal mastermind”. In this first book in the series, Artemis Fowl challenges the minds of none other than… fairies! Of course, we mean fairies of all sorts, goblins, trolls, and elves included. Fowl’s devious plan unwittingly involves a spit-fire of a fairy called Holly Short. What happens when you’ve got these two together, you will just have to find out. The first book in Artemis Fowl is definitely an imaginative introduction to the series.

Now, I have set myself the task of finishing book six (Lord of Chaos) of The Wheel of Time and book one of The View from the Mirror. Three other novels I started reading as well are Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke, Titus Groan by Mervyn Peake, and Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon – all of which are well-written. Titus Groan and Gravity’s Rainbow are classic novels, and I’m betting Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell will become a classic in the years to come.

Okay, back to some fun reading…

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Astrology – Science or Superstition?

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Since the advent of “newspaper astrology”, any discussion on astrology begins with “What sign are you?” and then just boils down to generalizations on what qualities and characteristics a person has based on that sign. The “sign” discussed refers to the Sun sign, that is, the sign the Sun was in at the moment you were born. Anyone familiar with astronomy would know that it takes the Earth 365.25 days to orbit the Sun. In terms of astrology, that means that the sun is found in one of the twelve astrological signs for approximately 30 days. This then means that everyone born within that 30 day period would have the same Sun sign. Hence, the generalization involved when only discussing “newspaper astrology” – it really only discusses Sun signs. Considering most people’s exposure to astrology is only “newspaper astrology”, one understands the general public’s dismissal of astrology as a serious “science”.

“Newspaper astrology” is far from representative of the practice of astrology as a whole. It is far removed from what the medieval and renaissance astrologers practiced (traditional astrology). In actuality, astrology was and is a practice based on astronomical observations and mathematical calculations. Though, of course, modern astrologers don’t need to have a telescope to make the necessary observations for their astrological calculations – they can simply load up a computer program that simply makes the calculations for them based on an ephemeris. (An ephemeris is a compilation listing the planets and their movements in the sky). Both astrology and astronomy claim to be “the study of the stars”, and in the past the words were interchangeable. The difference between the two is simply how the information from that study is used. Astrology uses the information to determine the influence the “stars” have on human existence, collectively or individually. Granted astronomy could make that claim, but it concerns itself with more practical and tangible influences, such as “Is that comet going to hit Earth??” (Although, in the abstract, astronomy seeks to determine the beginnings of human existence and to understand how we came to be. In that sense, astronomy can be considered as another cosmology.)

Some of the first astronomical observations made that were considered important in terms of influencing human existence were solar and lunar eclipses and the cycle of the moon. The moon is inherently tied to eclipses in that a solar eclipse occurs during a new moon and a lunar eclipse occurs when there is a full moon. (This does not mean that there is solar eclipse every new moon or that there is a lunar eclipse every full moon. An eclipse properly occurs when the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth line up. A new moon and full moon will occur without the Earth lining up with the Sun and the Moon.) The influence of the new moon, full moon, solar eclipse, and lunar eclipse on human existence have been observed over the millenia such that astrologers can now predict the effects these will have on various individuals or humanity as a whole. Such is the basis for science – observation. Collectively over the past 4000 or more years (the Chinese and Egyptians have been observing the night sky since at least 2000 B.C. or thereabouts), there has been more than just a few observations made on the influence of the “heavens”. The vast amount of information and knowledge gathered and passed down over that many years can be analyzed – “heavenly” cycles and patterns can be noted. (For an interesting history of astrology, read David Ovason’s book The History of the Horoscope. You will not only learn about the history, but you will learn much about the fundamentals of astrology.)

Astrology uses the same mathematical calculations as astronomy in terms of determining movement of the planets. Longitude and latitude degrees are important in determining the precise position of a planet in the sky. (Ah yes, in case you were wondering why “planets” when astrology is the “study of the stars”. To the ancient astrologers, every light they saw in the night sky was considered to be a “star”. However, it appeared that some stars moved while others did not. The stars that moved were “wandering stars”, which is the etymology for the word “planet”. The stars that did not move were termed “fixed stars”, and you will hear that term used in modern astrology.) Precise time was important to astrologers because they would then determine which sign was rising over the horizon and at what degree. (“Sign” in astrology represents one of the twelve portions of the night sky where the beginning of the Aries portion is fixed to the spring equinox – the spring equinox being the exact moment when day and night are of equal length. The signs once were aligned with the constellations, but the constellations are not fixed to the spring equinox. Thus, you may hear some people talk about Aries being later in the year. This is irrelevant to the fact that the Aries portion of the sky is fixed to the spring equinox.) The sign rising over the horizon at the precise moment of someone’s birth is termed “rising sign” and to traditional astrologers was actually more significant than the Sun sign, which is made much of in “newspaper astrology” as discussed above. Such is the precision involved in traditional astrology and modern astrology if studied as seriously as the traditional astrologers.

Is astrology really superstition? Is it a true science? Perhaps it is simply the fact that astrology deals intimately with human existence that we do not wish to consider it science. After all, it is for many still a frightening thought to think that we are really subject to the will of the “heavens”.

We can blame “newspaper astrology” for the malaise that has befallen astrology in the past 100 years or so. Many may be fascinated by it, but yet not take it seriously. Then again, newspaper astrology has peaked the interest of many who would become your modern-day astrologer, taking astrology once again as a serious (scientific?) study, and sometimes eerily predicting events to happen. That being said, there is always something amusing about “newspaper astrology” – just realize that it’s not representative of astrology as a whole.

Your local amateur astrologer
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Weekly Horoscope – July 03 to 09

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My horoscope for this week (courtesy of

“The Right Perspective

You are gradually finding the courage to overcome some of the fears that you have been battling with, C. J., and this is due to the presence of Mars in your sign. However, don’t allow your fantasies to get the better of you on Wednesday when Mars will be opposing Neptune. You may find it more difficult to understand what your partner wants from you, or how you can cooperate with their plans. Don’t jump in regardless, especially as you may lose out rather than gain from this. You need to have the facts at your fingertips before you agree to anything. Mercury will also turn retrograde in your sign on Tuesday – which is not the best of times to make agreements or sign anything, whether of a personal or business nature. If you are thinking of getting more involved with anyone then leave the commitment out of it until after July 29, by which time you will have a much better idea of any problems that could arise. Thursday looks as though it could be a very interesting day socially. Plenty of chemistry – have fun! Jupiter will also turn direct in your home, so you may find that your hopes and dreams now begin to materialize.”

So, I suppose I’ll pass my test on Saturday with flying colours and perform a great demo…

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Weekly Horoscope – June 26 to July 02

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My horoscope for this week…

“Your Comfort Zone

The period of frustration that you experienced recently, C. J., is becoming easier to deal with. But Mars in your sign hasn’t finished its work just yet. It is there to remind you to keep going and to continue getting to the heart of the problems that lie within you. These are associated with your attitude to yourself, which is reflected through your current relationships. Saturn is in your sign to remind you that you have to keep on stepping out of your comfort zone. You can’t confine yourself to the tried and trusted as the amount of space you have to work with will tend to get smaller and smaller. Your circle of influence will begin to recede, which will be a truly stifling experience. As Mars is stirring things up for you – you may have had to move out of your comfort zone anyway, so don’t stop – carry on and keep expanding rather than contracting. Mercury will move into your sign on Wednesday which will help you to articulate your needs and to make yourself heard. This is not the time to stay quiet. The Sun is currently in your spiritual twelfth house, bringing you a chance to reflect on what you really do want and how you can nurture your soul. Venus sextiles Saturn on Sunday, so make a date with a friend and go socialize.”

Sounds good. I need a break!

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Daily Horoscope

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My horoscope for May 9, 2006 says:

“Love and romance are heightened today by a rush of communication, C. J.. Feelings and memories are shared willingly. Either you or your partner could reveal something about yourselves that the other was previously unaware of, which might strengthen the bond between you. Some of what’s exchanged today might be a little surprising, but nonetheless, your relationship should be much the better for all this open, honest, and loving communication. Make the most of it!”

Hm… romance? Yum!

Daily Horoscope – May 6, 2006

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Interesting… this was my horoscope for May 6, 2006.

“Creative projects, perhaps involving writing or speaking, might take up a lot of your time today, C. J.. You could well find yourself channeling not only your mind, but your very being into your work. You’ll probably be so caught up in what you’re doing that you might have difficulty returning to this world when you’re done, or when someone calls you for dinner. Never mind – you’ll probably be very pleased with whatever results you produce. Go to it!”

Explains the weird tranced-out state I was feeling that day.


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