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It’s Sabbat time again

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Merry meet,

Well, as the title says, it’s Sabbat time again. This time it is Imbolg, also known as St. Brigit’s Day or Candlemas. It has also been called Oimelc. As I am fortunate to participate in a few different ritual groups, now when a Sabbat comes up I get to celebrate it not just once, but twice, or thrice if I really want to. Wow! This gives me pause to reflect on the community that I’ve come to be a part of and how things have somehow spiralled from there. Years ago (going back to my teenage years), I never would have thought that this community existed, even though this particular community has been around almost as long as I have. I was just a young’un when this community started up not knowing it would one day become such an important haven for many wayward souls dissatisfied with mainstream religion and spirituality. So, I’ve become part of a community nearly as old as I am (granted the pagan community in general is much older… I keep hearing stories from my older peers about way back when…) and I somehow am not sure how I managed to accomplish this.

Now, for someone who is normally busy and bouncing off the walls with too much to do (because I so enjoy learning new things and find life boring without any goals), it sometimes seems like too much to celebrate one Sabbat up to three times in a year. However, Imbolg is different for me, mostly because Imbolg is dedicated to Brighid nearly invariably. Brighid, the patron goddess of this website. So, tonight is the start of my spree of Imbolc rituals.

After coming back from ritual tonight, I feel quite energized likely due to the energy of Brighid. I think it is just the reminder of her and my dedication to her that has me up and wanting to write and get things done. Once again, she has managed to inspire me and sparked my thoughts into action. Tomorrow, I suspect she will do the same as I am off to the second Sabbat ritual this week. Then there is Sunday night which I hear will be interesting. While I am told it is to be a Norse ritual, I can’t help but feel that somehow Brighid, although Celtic, may be in attendance in some form or another that night. I guess I will see. For now though, I will just marvel at the magic of Brighid and the forces that be that have brought me to my path.

MP and BB,
(feeling spiritually ecstatic or ecstatically spiritual)


Merry Meet!

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Well, I finally caved in. It’s been a few years since I first saw a blog. To be honest, I never thought I would use one – primarily because I keep a journal/Book of Shadows. However, that is a form of personal writing, a forum for my private thoughts and a means by which I collect my thoughts. What is required now is a place for me to share some of my views with others. At the same time, this provides readers with an efficient method of sharing their own views with me on whichever topic I’ve written about that sparks their interest. The primary intent of this blog is for visitors to my website to get to know me. If you have already been to my website (, you know that I practice Reiki, a form of energy healing. Reiki requires a certain amount of trust between the recipient and the practitioner. The best way to engender trust between persons is for them to know one another. Thus, this blog is the open door to… my virtual home where you can get to know me. So, feel free to get comfortable while you read. Right now, I am having tea and warming up next to my heater as it’s a true winter day (below 0 degree temperatures, lots of snow on the balcony/ground and more coming!) and my sweetheart is trying to distract me from my work. Okay, now I’m starting to ramble as I tend to do sometimes. So, getting back to the topic at hand. Yes, this site is for you, dear readers, just as my services are for you. I hope you enjoy your stay and learned a little about me already. Don’t forget to drop by often.

Merry part and merry meet again,
Your local webmistress

P.S. Yes, I am pagan/Wiccan as an astute observer knowledgeable in occult traditions would have hypothesized from some of the phrases I used in this post. Blessed be!