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What Kind of Weapons Am I?

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I took the quiz below. Turns out I’m a sword.

Take the quiz: “What Kind Of Weapon Are you?”


You’re the sword! Most definitely the most honorable and honest of weapons. You’ve been used for thousands of years to inflict pain and death on mankind. People see you as the most noble of weapons. Traditionally, you’re the big brother of the gun. If a gun isn’t available, a fighter will grab for you and try to take out their enemy. You’re retired now, nobody really uses you in war, mankind has other… More disgusting methods now. You’re good for a stab in the heart, the neck or the gut and everyone appreciates a death by a sword. The only people that use you anymore are either very stupid or very crazy. Murderer.

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Nuclear Bomb (You scored 1)
* Knife (You scored 1)
* Axe (You scored 0)
* Gun (You scored 1)
* Screwdriver (You scored 0)
* Chainsaw (You scored 2)
* Sword (You scored 4)

See, I always knew I was noble. So there.

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Season Finale time – part two (Star Trek: Enterprise and Without a Trace)

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I have not been watching Enterprise for long, in fact, I only caught onto it this year with the season premiere, “Storm Front”. So, it doesn’t really phase me that Enterprise is cancelled. If anything I’m not surprised. Frankly, Enterprise just didn’t seem to jive with the rest of the Star Trek shows. Granted, some of the characters were somewhat interesting, but for the most part they didn’t make me want to watch more. Not like Data, Will Riker, Deanna Troi, Tom Paris, Harry Kim, and B’Lanna Torres. There wasn’t even anyone remotely Picard-like or Janeway-like. Now those two are what made TNG and Voyager work. Now, top off Enterprise with a cheesy theme song called “Faith of the Heart” written by Diane Warren (isn’t she getting old now?) and you’ve got the recipe for a TV show that’s guaranteed to die out fast. I’m a bit surprised it lasted 4 seasons with that theme song. Why didn’t they just keep the orchestra music? That is more appropriate for a sci-fi show.

Okay, so Enterprise is gone and no more Star Trek. Will we miss it? Probably. Might be good for us though. Make us starve for a bit and maybe the next series will be better. In the meantime, there’s Battlestar Galactica. Awesome theme song and overall style. Starbuck is kickass. Can’t wait for season two…

Now, a little bit about Without a Trace. I like this show, better than CSI (though I suppose I haven’t given CSI a fair chance), but why did they have to end the season with a cliffhanger with two of the main characters possibly about to die? I guess I have no choice but to watch the next season (not like I wasn’t going to). Okay, if anyone knows whether Martin and Danny make it out okay, post a comment on here. Thanks.

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A little insight about me…

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Awhile back I did a short online Myers-Briggs personality test. The result was INTJ and below was the short summary of that personality type sent to me in email.

INTJ (me!)

“INTJ is the designer. Put her behind the scenes and she will come
up with a system that works. The challenge for her is to sell her
system to others and to convince them of how useful and beneficial
the system will be.

INTJ has a very active inner mental life, and will only share it with
others when she has come to clear ends of conclusions. What ifs and
small talk don’t come easy.

If you ask an INTJ a question, be prepared to listen carefully to the
answer. INTJs hate to waste their breathe.

They are willing to work very hard for the things they think are
worthwhile. However, one has to convince them with Logic, rather
than emotions. They can be very fair and just and make good judges.
However they can be insensitive to the values of others if those
values don’t appear logical.

INTJs can appear to be emotional, because when they are angry, they
speak vehemently, and when they are happy they speak much more
softly. They are very good auditors, editors and software testers.

Sciences, both hard and soft are good fields for the INTJ. In the
Craft, writing rituals, spells and designing ritual space is their

Hope that provides some insight into my head!

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Addendum: June 7, 2006

Link: Myers-Briggs test

My percentages for the above test were:
33% introverted, 30% intuitive, 12% thinking, and 33% judging


Season Finale time – part 1 (Survivor Palau)

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Okay, I admit it, I watch Survivor. Not necessarily a fan, so to speak, as I have missed certain seasons and lots of episodes of Survivor, even the much-talked about All-Stars season. But I managed to watch nearly all of Survivor Palau.

What impressed me the most on this season of Survivor was Stephenie LaGrossa. Now, the only other person who impressed me more than Stephenie was Ethan Zohn, who (if Survivor fans will recall) won Survivor Africa.

In my eyes, Stephenie should have won Survivor Palau as she was the true winner and star of this season. Not only was she physically strong, but she had the indomitable spirit of a true winner (by the way, “indomitable spirit” is a phrase we use in taekwondo in reference to a true champion). She did not give up. Of course, she got the short end of the stick by getting picked for the wrong tribe. No doubt if she was on the same tribe with Tom to begin with, she would have had a chance to make it to the end. But then again, would we have gotten to know Stephenie if she hadn’t outlasted the other members of her dwindling tribe? No, probably not. We would not have seen how in the face of extinction of her tribe, she kept her hopes up and managed to get to the merge. Of course, this is probably what did her in at Koror as she was seen as being so strong – stronger than some men (as Bobby Jon put it, “she can do anything a man can do” and even better at times, as she beat him in the individual challenge to build fire to become the last member of her tribe). By the time she got to merge with Koror, the time she could have spent bonding with Tom was passed and Tom ended up taking Katie to the final two instead (now, Katie didn’t deserve that spot, but hey then again, I think we’ve seen worse people sitting in final two).

Getting back to Stephenie, she spent one full night alone on this season of Survivor, something that has never been done before. That alone should give her special honours as Survivor champion. She was alone on a remote island and she dug in her heels and managed to take care of herself. Let’s recall some of the things Stephenie did after Bobby Jon had to leave the tribe. First, she had to come back and tend the fire, make sure it lasted all night. The next morning, she had to go get water and food. Food was a little tough getting as she tried fishing and going after clams and came back with nothing. Lastly, she tried gathering some coconuts by tossing a stick at the tree trying to knock them down. When that didn’t work, the girl looked up at the coconut and started climbing up the tree. Stephenie has indomitable spirit – she didn’t give up. Then she went out to get treemail not quite sure what to expect – for all she knew Jeff could have had her spending one more night alone, but lucky Stephenie she was told to go to Koror.

Watching Survivor, I’ve always considered what I would be doing there. Watching Stephenie, I could not escape being empathic with her. When she was tired of losing, I was tired of losing. I could put myself in her shoes. She worked hard, so would I. She went fishing and clamming, so would I. She went to gather coconuts, so would I. Finally, she climbed that tree. So would I. Now, some people may think, who wouldn’t climb the tree? I’ll just have to point to Katie. No, I can’t see Katie climbing that tree. And that brings me to my last point about Stephenie’s indomitable spirit. Knowing that it should have been her sitting in final two position, Stephenie did not hold any anger or grudge. She just wanted answers and the answers she got was satisfying enough. She knew she was voted off because she was a true champion (in her words, she had “too much heart”) and that was enough. She accepted not getting to final two gracefully.

Now, about the winner of Survivor Palau – Tom Westman. My respect for Stephenie aside, I do think Tom did deserve to win. He played the game well. Granted some people may have been a bit irked with him, but he did help out the tribe overall. I attribute Koror’s winning streak to Tom. Did anyone not see him picking up the pace in that water challenge to catch up and tag out Ulong and win immunity? Tom is the kind of person who sees people losing strength and energy and gives it to them because he knows it’s the team that wins – not just him. Granted winning tribal immunities helped him stay around longer, but that does not negate the fact that everyone on Koror got to stay a little longer in the game because of him. Tom overall is strong as was evident by him winning 7 individual immunity challenges. If anyone else, besides Stephenie, deserved to get to final two, it was Tom.

Okay, so there you have it – my comments on the final episode of Survivor Palau.

One last comment about the Survivor series overall – to be a contestant on Survivor, you have to be a U.S. citizen and currently live in the U.S. I’m Canadian and therefore cannot apply to be on Survivor, so I have to play the game vicariously through people like Stephenie. Is it not time they opened the game up to their friendly neighbours up north?

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I have a heart murmur!

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I recently found out that I have a heart murmur.

While I’m pretty sure that this is a minor thing, I am having testing to check out if there is anything serious. So far I’ve done a blood test and an electrocardiogram (ECG). Tuesday, I’m going to have an echocardiogram done. Since I found out about the heart murmur while trying to get into a medical study, I’m pretty sure the blood test and ECG will be fine. I’m not quite sure how an echocardiogram works and how the results are interpreted but I think the odds are there isn’t anything terribly wrong with my heart. I’ve been doing martial arts so far for almost 6 years and nothing serious has happened to me (aside from the knee injury). Basically, it seems as if this heart murmur has been with me my whole life and isn’t an indicator of any serious heart condition.

So, on Tuesday I will be having an echocardiogram and then will have to see the doctor for the results 2 weeks after.

Meanwhile, I’ve been told by the doctor that I can keep with my regular exercise schedule.

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Reiki 2 and Taekwondo

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The past month or so has been extremely busy since I did my Reiki 2.

I have since been able to increase tne length of taekwondo training I can do as my knee is feeling alot better than previously. (Could this be due to the Reiki 2? Hmmm…) I’m starting to feel that my knee is stronger than before I had the injury. I’m also in the do jang more in order to help teach, which is quite fulfilling. Also, this past weekend, I completed a referee seminar course provided by OTA (Ontario Taekwondo Association). The course provides certification as a provincial referee for taekwondo. I will be receiving the results of the exams in the next few days (hopefully). In the upcoming year, I will be concentrating on becoming a better teacher of the martial art. Anyone interested in training in taekwondo, I train at Black Belt World located at Bloor and Ossington Streets. A free trial class is always available.

I am still planning on getting Reiki 3 in the next 6 months, after which I will begin offering courses to those interested in being attuned to Reiki.

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