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What Kind of Weapons Am I?

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I took the quiz below. Turns out I’m a sword.

Take the quiz: “What Kind Of Weapon Are you?”


You’re the sword! Most definitely the most honorable and honest of weapons. You’ve been used for thousands of years to inflict pain and death on mankind. People see you as the most noble of weapons. Traditionally, you’re the big brother of the gun. If a gun isn’t available, a fighter will grab for you and try to take out their enemy. You’re retired now, nobody really uses you in war, mankind has other… More disgusting methods now. You’re good for a stab in the heart, the neck or the gut and everyone appreciates a death by a sword. The only people that use you anymore are either very stupid or very crazy. Murderer.

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Nuclear Bomb (You scored 1)
* Knife (You scored 1)
* Axe (You scored 0)
* Gun (You scored 1)
* Screwdriver (You scored 0)
* Chainsaw (You scored 2)
* Sword (You scored 4)

See, I always knew I was noble. So there.

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