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Sleep Bot (Android App) – A Short Review

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Review of Sleep Bot Tracker Log (also see Sleep Bot app on Android Market):

I’ve been using this app for the past few days. I like that it lets me know how much sleep I’m missing (“sleep debt”) because then I’ll try to catch up (I guess it’s almost a game to try to get rid of your sleep debt). It also charts and graphs your sleep data to help you understand your sleeping patterns. The past few days, I’ve been waking up after about 6 hours. I do better with at least 8 hours a day. Some days, 9 hours are good. I configured the app for 8 hours optimal sleep. You can make notes on your sleep entries. Back up to SD card as text file is available as are share options to share summarized data. It also offers sleeping tips including stuff like get better mattress to stuff about what you should or shouldn’t eat before bedtime. Some tips you may have heard before, but maybe forgot about. I forgot tryptophan helps with sleep because it’s connected to melatonin somehow. Tryptophan is in dairy products, but also in shrimp (yummy! explains why I get sleepy after eating shrimps) and other foods.

If you have sleeping problems, you might want to check out this app. (If you have a sleeping disorder, you probably need to see a sleep specialist. I think I have Non-24 from trying to fix DSPS, and I haven’t seen a sleep specialist, but that’s just me. I have no problems trying to diagnose myself, but I am not qualified to diagnose others. So go see a sleep specialist if you’re concerned about maybe having a sleep disorder.)



Canadian and American Humour: A Comparison

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Great White North: Beer Nog (featuring “Bob and Doug McKenzie” as seen on SCTV)

“You hoser! Take off to the Great White North, eh? Get some smokes and beer while you’re there, eh?”


America Fuck Yeah! (a fan-made video featuring theme song and clips from the movie, Team America: World Police)

“Team America, fuck yeah! Coming again to save the mother fuckin’ day, yeah!”



Allergies and Running in the Winter

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Anyone else have allergies and also do running in the winter?

I’ve noticed for a while now that when I haven’t been running regularly, then start up in the cold months, my allergies just kick my ass for running. It’s not that I’m tired or my cardio is bad (I have allergies year round, but in the late spring and summer, running is easier even if I haven’t been running consistently; and I generally do fine indoors during the winter at taekwondo), it’s that I have to keep stopping to blow my damn nose. The only problem with the breathing is that it feels like the congestion is frozen in my throat, so I end up brisk walking and doing deep breathing to clear up the congestion.

Otherwise, if I have been running regularly, running in the winter hasn’t been a huge problem for me. I avoid it when there’s ice (because of the dangers of slipping, twisting and aggravating a pre-existing injury) and slush (because I am susceptible to getting a little sick from cold, wet feet) though. Otherwise, if it’s not icy and the roads are clear I don’t mind winter running anymore than running on a hot, humid summer day. I just feel like I have to be more disciplined with running in the winter than the summer because my allergies will just kick my ass in the winter.

Anyway, I mention this in case anyone else has the same issues with allergies and winter running.

Here’s a link to an interesting discussion about winter running – I Hate Winter Running.

This article says to take your allergy medication before heading out for a run – Tips for Running with Seasonal Allergies. (I actually was thinking about taking my allergy medicine before heading out to the gym, but I wasn’t feeling particularly stuffed up from my allergies today and I wasn’t planning on running tonight. I only just felt like it after I did 20 minutes of cycling.)