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A little insight about me…

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Awhile back I did a short online Myers-Briggs personality test. The result was INTJ and below was the short summary of that personality type sent to me in email.

INTJ (me!)

“INTJ is the designer. Put her behind the scenes and she will come
up with a system that works. The challenge for her is to sell her
system to others and to convince them of how useful and beneficial
the system will be.

INTJ has a very active inner mental life, and will only share it with
others when she has come to clear ends of conclusions. What ifs and
small talk don’t come easy.

If you ask an INTJ a question, be prepared to listen carefully to the
answer. INTJs hate to waste their breathe.

They are willing to work very hard for the things they think are
worthwhile. However, one has to convince them with Logic, rather
than emotions. They can be very fair and just and make good judges.
However they can be insensitive to the values of others if those
values don’t appear logical.

INTJs can appear to be emotional, because when they are angry, they
speak vehemently, and when they are happy they speak much more
softly. They are very good auditors, editors and software testers.

Sciences, both hard and soft are good fields for the INTJ. In the
Craft, writing rituals, spells and designing ritual space is their

Hope that provides some insight into my head!

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Addendum: June 7, 2006

Link: Myers-Briggs test

My percentages for the above test were:
33% introverted, 30% intuitive, 12% thinking, and 33% judging


  1. Funny enough, I’m an INTJ too!


    Comment by Nate — 2005/05/18 @ 08:28

  2. […] Re-did the Myers-Briggs test found on my previous blog entry. My results this time were INTJ – 44% introverted, 50% intuitive, 1% thinking, and 44% judging. My previous results were – 33% introverted, 30% intuitive, 12% thinking, and 33% judging. Hm… strange how things can change. […]

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