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This week’s training update (September 12 to 18)

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Monday night, Nathan and I went to the track. I did two warm-up laps then ran 1 mile (4 laps). As I was feeling a bit bloated, I didn’t beat my time for the mile. I did however manage to maintain a decent pace and finish it not feeling too tired.

Tuesday, I went to gumdo class and got to practice my new sword patterns. I didn’t stay for taekwondo class as I was seeing a movie at 9 p.m. (It was Film Festival week. See my next blog entry for some reviews.)

Wednesday, I went to the do jang and helped teach poomse (patterns) class. As I was feeling a little unfocussed and as it was raining, I decided to not do any track running.

Thursday, I went to the do jang and took gumdo and taekwondo class. I was feeling a little better overall. I stayed a bit after taekwondo class to practice some more kicking and palgwes (more patterns).

This weekend, I foregoed doing any running. It was particularly busy with watching the movies at the Film Festival. Next week, I hope to have a more active week. Probably the rest will be good for me. I hope to get some running and some exercise done tomorrow.

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