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5 km Run! – June 26, 2006

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I finally did a full 5 k run. The actual distance for the route I planned was 5.7 km (approximately 3.5 miles). My total time for the run was 35 minutes. It’s a good time – just about ten minutes a mile. If I can keep up the pace for a 10k (approximately 6.25 miles), then I should finish around the one hour mark.

I ended up timing my run in three parts. The first part of the run was from home to Avenue at Dupont via Mt. Pleasant and Roxborough Streets East and West, a total distance of 2.6 km. My time for this part was 16 minutes 16 seconds. The second part of the run was from Avenue at Dupont to Davenport at Yonge via Davenport at Dupont, a total distance of 1.8 km. My time for part two was 11 minutes 23 seconds. The last part of the run was from Yonge at Davenport/Church to home, a total distance of 1.3 km. My time for this was 7 minutes 21 seconds. Total time: 35 minutes; total distance: 5.7 km.

It was good run. I’m ready for the 10k. I just need a good rest the night before.

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