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Recent rituals

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Public ritual on the 8th was about organ donation. If you plan to be an organ donor upon your death, you should discuss this with you family members so they understand your wish. Otherwise, the law states that the family decides what to do with your remains.

Public ritual on the 15th was a ritual about the community again. This time we made a community chain. Everyone was given a link in the chain and then were required to attach it to another link until every piece was linked together. A rather lovely ritual.

This week we’re having guest Priesthood perform a ritual. It will be the “Ceremony of the Magical Eucharist” by the Order of the Temple of Archallem (OTA). “Eucharist” means “gratitude” and “thanksgiving”, so I’m guessing that is the theme of the ritual. It will be interesting to compare this ritual with what we normally do in Wicca. I will have to take mental notes.