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Occupy, 99 Percent, and Response to the 1 Percent

Filed under: Human Rights — feyMorgaina @ 07:22

Saw this the other night – “We are the 1 percent: we stand with the 99 percent”.

Huh. Nice sentiment, but how many on there would give up what they have and live with less than they have? It’s not that all 99 ‘percenters’ want fancy cars and super-sized homes for two to four that really can accommodate 10 or even 20 people in hard times (I grew up in a medium-sized home that accommodated seven), it’s that some things aren’t necessary for a decent life. Frankly, a privileged lifestyle isn’t sustainable for everyone in the long term. Some people would have to ‘downsize’. So the question remains, are the 1% willing to give up what they have and live with less?

(I should also point out that I’m not sure everyone on that 1% blog even knows what would define them as 1%. It has to do with ‘wealth’ as opposed to ‘income’. Wealth aka ‘net worth’ being assets minus liabilities and income aka ‘net income’ being revenue minus expenses. Net income is added to assets – it does not represent your wealth.)