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Girl Power! – Survivor Finale Review

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Yes, I know this review is overdue, but I was just too busy the week of the final episode. Here are some of my thoughts on the season finale.

Way to go, Danni and Stephenie (but next time don’t eat the sacrificial chicken)!

First, let me say I was surprised by Danni’s final vote. I really thought Danni would have taken Rafe, but he decided to “release” her from her promise to him. Was that really what he wanted and did he really think she’d still take him to final two? Or was he just being a martyr and making it easier for Stephenie to get to the final two? He genuinely looked upset for Stephenie that she was crying for not winning the final immunity. I’d like to think that he just had a good heart. Danni however decided that she wanted to take Stephenie to final two as Stephenie never gave up in the final immunity challenge. She hang on until gravity took over and she just collapsed to the ground. Anyone watching that can see why Danni picked Stephenie to go to final two. It was the epitome of how competively strong Stephenie is. (As a sidenote, I’d like to comment that it almost looked like that last challenge was a little easier for Danni and her long legs.)

Now, let’s just say that I’m pleased to see two strong players make it to final two and not just two strong players, but two strong female players. Not to say that some of the guys sitting on the jury didn’t play well, I think it’s obvious they just got blind-sided (as the case with Jaime and Judd) or just didn’t have the odds to win (as with Gary or Bobby Jon). Getting back to the final two, both girls struggled to make it to there. Stephenie as she said to Bobby Jon “had a target on her back” since day one just like him. Danni had to fight to survive the merge as she had the numbers against her (6 to 4), but yet she survived the guys of her dwindling tribe to make it to final two. Also, I’d like to point out that both girls were good sports, even when sometimes the game didn’t go their way.

And the winner is… Danni. Good job, Danni. Though I’m not surprised by the final votes. Although Stephenie played a good game, she already knew she would lose votes by blindsiding so many on the jury. Then again, is there really any way to vote people off and onto the jury without them getting upset at you, especially if you were one of the two controlling the game? It’s pretty hard as is evidenced by the past Survivor seasons. Overall, I’d have to say this was one of the better played Survivor seasons I’ve watched so far. (I’ve missed a few seasons.) My other favourite seasons were the Outback (season 2) and Africa (season 3) because of the few good players. I wonder if the next season will be half as well played.

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