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Happy Gregorian New year

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Time to welcome in the new year with my first blog entry of 2006. Wow! Time really does fly. I still remember the big new year’s for 2000. It’s now more than half a decade later. To start off the second half of this decade, I think I’ll do a quick run-down of major changes in my life since 2000.

1. I’m in a wonderful relationship despite being bitterly cynical from previous failed relationships. 😀 Of course, I found someone who was equally bitterly cynical. Somehow we managed to find together the cloud in the silver lining… er… wait… is it the silver lining in the cloud? 😉

2. My overall wellbeing is probably at its best so far in my life. I’ve always felt emotional/mentally and spiritually strong, but over the past 5 years I’ve also become physically strong. It has been my goal to be as physically strong as I am inside. (Though I have to say this path has been one of the hardest for me. I had my emotional ups and downs, even becoming for awhile a little numb with life. I also had to deal with physical injury, having surgery, and recovering.)

3. In relation to spiritual wellbeing, I found a wonderful spiritual community of friends who somehow without knowing were there for me while I grew more spiritually. They were also there for me when I had familial problems and gave me the support to deal with those issues.

4. In relation to physical wellbeing, I received a black belt in taekwondo (summer 2004) and am now working towards my 2nd dan black belt. Through this I found an excellent way to keep fit as well as challenge my mind and my spirit. I have also started learning a sword art as well as learned a bit of other martial arts. As well through martial arts, I have met some of the most interesting and wonderful people.

5. Career-wise, I have changed careers and moved out of the corporate realm to working for myself. This is a challenge and there is still so much more for me to do. The most important step was breaking out of feeling that I had to follow what everyone expected of me and to just do my “thing”. Since then, I have created this website with a clear purpose and managed to maintain it.

6. Last and most important, I have found my path in life. Each year it seems I’ve moved closer and closer to… my destiny. While I do believe in free choice, I also believe in something called “true will”. This is different from free will which is what I call free choice. True will refers to the path your soul needs to take in life. Denying your true will will lead to unhappiness and discontent while following your true will will lead to fulfullment and peace. Everyone has free choice – do you choose your true path or do you deny your soul its peace?

Now for some minor changes since 2000…

1. I now have three wonderful cats instead of just one adorable feline. To get to this though, my pretty princess had a few litters. Sadly, I had to give away all but one of those kittens and just have my three little felines. My male feline is all love and I think strangely he kept reminding me of how loved I was whenever I was in doubt. For that, I just have to worship his amazing felineness. The two females I have are just cute as pies when they want to be and have kept a smile on my face.

2. I moved a few times. Actually, I moved back to my mom’s and then fate stepped in, I met my sweetheart and moved in with him. 🙂

I think that’s all on my list so far. Probably more major changes than minor ones.

Now for some prophesying. Hm… I’m going to base my next year predictions based on how my new year is spent.

  1. I spent some time connecting with my goddess and the spirit.
  2. I spent time with my sweetheart.
  3. I made a wonderful breakfast for my sweetheart and me.
  4. I spent some time with my cats.
  5. I wrote on my blog.
  6. I did some exercise.
  7. I did some reading.
  8. I’m going to go to my mom’s and pick up the rest of my stuff.
  9. I plan on working on some projects of mine.

Based on this, I guess during the next year I will be spending lots of time with my sweetheart and my cats again. I will connect with my goddess and spirit more often. I will be writing on my blog and working on my website. I will be reading things that interest me. I will be reading Robert Jordan (hooked on that series now, started book 3 today after a busy two weeks of working on some other projects) and other fantasy novels. I will continue my exercise regimen. I will be trying to finish some projects. I will be creating an atmosphere of true love for my relationship to grow more. Finally, I will be letting go of much of the past. (I’m clearing out some of the stuff I have at mom’s.)

Sounds like a busy year ahead. I should probably get some rest before the year really gets to a start. Hm… good rest in the upcoming year sounds like a good prophesy to me.

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