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Do jang days (January 17 and 19)

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This week so far has been busy. Since I’m working on my reiki manuals, I haven’t had much time to go running or to the gym – I’ve only had time for the do jang.

Tuesday, I went to gumdo and taekwondo class. Gumdo was a good class and since I hadn’t done a good gumdo class in awhile, my arms were suitably worked out. I think I remembered my kyo gum and ssang soo correctly. I will have to check sometime to make sure I didn’t miss any moves that’s supposed to be in the patterns. Taekwondo was “crazy kicking class”. Lots of kicking and some non-contact sparring. My knee was a little buggy because of the rain, but overall I wasn’t too tired and had some energy for sparring. Then we did lots of kicking drills. By the time I got home, my legs and arms were suitably worked out – not overly tired or sore which is good as it means I’m getting used to taking two classes in a row again.

Thursday, I went to the do jang for gumdo and taekwondo again. Same as last time, lots of kicking though not as much sparring and my knee wasn’t bothering me. 🙂

Been busy the past week writing my reiki manual, so still haven’t had a chance to go for a run. 🙁 I’m hoping tomorrow I can get a run in.

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