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Street Running – January 27

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Finally had a chance to run last Friday. Since I had nearly two weeks off from running and not much do jang and gym time, it was rough trying to run again. I also felt a little bloated. I ended up getting a cramp by the time I finished running a half mile – that’s what I get for taking time off. I thought maybe the cramp would go away after I walked for a bit and then started my mile run. It only eased up a bit and after running another half mile, I cramped up again. This time it was much harder to recover from and I ended up walking almost the whole next half mile back. It took me nearly 5 minutes to recover from the cramp. By that time, I was almost home. I decided that I might as well run the rest of the way anyway.

My time for the first half mile was 4 minutes 55 seconds. The time for the second half mile was 4 minutes 39 seconds. At least I did run a total distance of one mile.

Tonight I’m hoping to make it into the do jang. I’ve been busy since last Wednesday and haven’t gone in yet. My Master is probably wondering what happened to me!

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