Learn Taishanese (台山話 aka Toisanwa aka Hoisanva)

For those who are interested in learning Taishanese (台山話 aka Toisanwa aka Hoisanva), I finally got a chance to put up a web page linking to the Taishanese learning material that I found (as mentioned in my previous blog post, ‘Learning Chinese: Cantonese or Mandarin? Or…? Taishanese!’).

You may go to Learn Taishanese (台山話) (alternate link: Learn Taishanese (台山話)) to download the zip files containing the Defense Language Institute’s ‘Chinese-Cantonese (Toishan) Basic Course’ (Audio Material). The link to the text material is also provided there. Please note the information about copyright regarding this material.


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  1. Charles Says:

    Your goal is to breed all the different dragons available to you and enter combat against other player’s dragons.


  2. William Chou Says:

    Thank you so much morgaina for helping preserve the taishanese language 🙂


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