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Learn Taishanese (台山話 aka Toisanwa aka Hoisanva)

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For those who are interested in learning Taishanese (台山話 aka Toisanwa aka Hoisanva), I finally got a chance to put up a web page linking to the Taishanese learning material that I found (as mentioned in my previous blog post, ‘Learning Chinese: Cantonese or Mandarin? Or…? Taishanese!’).

You may go to Learn Taishanese (台山話) (alternate link: Learn Taishanese (台山話)) to download the zip files containing the Defense Language Institute’s ‘Chinese-Cantonese (Toishan) Basic Course’ (Audio Material). The link to the text material is also provided there. Please note the information about copyright regarding this material.



  1. Your goal is to breed all the different dragons available to you and enter combat against other player’s dragons.


    Comment by Charles — 2016/12/19 @ 00:10

  2. Thank you so much morgaina for helping preserve the taishanese language 🙂


    Comment by William Chou — 2019/02/07 @ 22:05

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