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Picture of the goddess Morrigan that kind of looks like me?!

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I was browsing Google for some pictures of the Celtic goddess Morrigan and came across this picture.

The picture doesn’t quite capture Morrigan the way I envision her, but funny enough she looks a little oriental in the picture. Now, the more I look at the picture, it almost seems to look like me! Well, it might if I had green eyes (can be remedied by wearing green contacts) and paler skin. It’s actually the shape of the face that seems very asian. The strange thing is that when I was in my teens and early 20s, I wore red lipstick and loved wearing red. I don’t wear red lipstick much anymore and wear darker shades (not so much into the bright reds), but this picture does remind me of myself.

Let’s try a comparison, here is a picture of me on (I recently created a account just because Nathan was on there) wearing a reddish top (closer to maroon). Now, look at both pictures. Huh? The picture almost looks like me. I’m just missing a braid in my hair and a crescent on my forehead. I am wearing necklaces.

This is just interesting to me because Morrigan is a goddess I’m quite close to, me being a martial artist for one thing. I’m still reeling at the fact that someone made this picture supposedly of Morrigan or Morgaine in Mists of Avalon and it looks like me. Is this a sign from Morrigan trying to tell me something???

I guess I’ll find out.

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