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Freya! She is here

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Quiz time again. I did the below “Which Norse deity are you?” test, and I got Freya. Interesting, though not surprising.

Lately, Freya has made herself known in my life through my dreams. For awhile, I was dreaming about cats – lots of them – and not just because I’m a cat lover. One of my dreams was actually about feral cats invading my home, to the displeasure of my three domestic kitties. First, I thought maybe it was Hekate trying to get my attention because at first I dreamed of black cats. Later, it was just any type of cats. After some research, I found out Freya has a chariot drawn by two cats (often depicted as tabbies, but some claim it was black cats). Too cool!

Freya is also the leader of the Valkyries, “choosers of the slain”. The Valkyries fly over a battle field similar to how Morrigan would in her crow shape. Freya is also known to be a little sexual promiscuous (like Morrigan, who slept with Dagda just because), having slept with four dwarves in order to obtain the Brisingamen necklace. Freya is thought by some to be the same as Frigga, though just a different aspect of Frigga. Freya and Frigga together are thought to have been derived from an earlier earth-mother goddess figure just like Morrigan, in her triple aspect (Badb, Maeve, Morrigan or possibly Anu, Badb, Morrigan), is thought to have been derived from an earth-mother goddess figure. Both Freya and Morrigan are depicted as young, beautiful, strong, female warriors not to be toyed with.

The similarities between Freya and Morrigan are many; thus, it is not surprising that I have an affinity with Freya as well.

For some more information on Freya (though not extensive):

“Which Norse deity are you?” quiz results below.

Brigid’s Flame


You scored 64 Wisdom, 60 Sexuality, 36 Strength, and 63 Goodliness!
The goddess of magic, love, and sex, you are very wise and know how to get what you want. Half of all of the battle dead belong to you, as does the exquisite necklace the “Brisingamen.” You are still a favorite with many today, especially strong women.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 71% on Wisdom
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You scored higher than 50% on Sexuality
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You scored higher than 41% on Strength
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You scored higher than 54% on Goodliness

Link: The Which Norse Deity Are You Test written by researcher on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

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