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Cat Videos!

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Okay, anyone who knows me well knows I love cats. I have three adorable ones and still wish I could have more. Now, every so often, I visit and find something totally kittenly adorable, such as these two videos below.

First up, we have this “Catboy” Slim video of the Joker. I can’t believe anyone had time to do this video. It’s hilarious. Kittens getting all dolled up to go to a Fatboy Slim concert. The catnip scene reminds me of Puss ‘N’ Boots in the Shrek 2. If you’ve seen that, you’ll know what I mean. Now, don’t forget to watch this video right to the end with the cat on the turntable dolled up in his Fatboy Slim gear. Too cute! I want to know how they got the joker cap on the kitten!

Next up, we have the “weird friendship” of a cat and a rooster. You have to watch this to believe it, but I think the cat thinks the rooster is its “Mommy”. Watch as the kitten grows up and still cuddles up with the rooster at night! Watch the cat’s “come on, let’s play” body language. Can you say, “AaaaW!” Makes me wonder about moving out to a farm… anyway, enjoy the video.

(exploring cuteness as therapy for the soul – we all know what a good laugh does for us)
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