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Brigid’s Flame – goals and purpose

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This is probably going to be a very boring blog entry, but because this blog is here as a way for people to get to know me better, I thought I should note down what my goals are in relation to this blog and my website, Brigid’s Flame.

First and foremost, as mentioned on the main page, Brigid’s Flame is a healing path. The information and the services provided are to help others heal their lives. This healing path includes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms. This leaves the website open to a wide variety of different topics and services, such as spiritual development, martial arts, and healing modalities. Every section on Brigid’s Flame is important to me personally and has its purpose in this healing path. Brigid’s Flame is based on my own personal experience of healing, and consequently, represents the best of me and what I have to offer. What I have to offer comes from deep within my heart with a true desire to help others.

Below is a list of goals that I have for myself and for Brigid’s Flame:

  1. To offer a unique program of reiki courses. Reiki, despite how it is currently taught by most reiki teachers in Western society, is a spiritual development system as well as a healing system. (If you cannot heal yourself, how can you heal others?) This is what my reiki program will teach. The program is an attempt to reconstruct what was once taught by Usui and Hayashi. The courses will note what is found in Western versions of reiki and what is thought to be originally Usui and Hayashi versions of reiki. As part of this program, I will be providing my reiki students with comprehensive reiki manuals at each level that explain much that is not being taught by current reiki teachers. As a result, the reiki program and accompanying manuals are unique – to my knowledge not many reiki teachers have attempted to reconstruct the teachings of Usui and Hayashi from a variety of sources. As of today, I have completed the Reiki One Manual, which is exactly 60 pages not including the appendices. The Reiki Two Manual is nearly completed. I expect it will be approximately 60 pages, comparable to the Reiki One Manual. The appendices to the Reiki Two Manual contain some very useful and interesting tables of information. I expect the appendices to be at least 100 pages! I still have to start the Reiki Three Manual beyond just an outline and notes, but I expect it will be comparable to the Reiki One and Two Manuals, but with more appendices. Overall, I expect that this reiki program will have plenty of interesting and relevant information for those seriously thinking of pursuing reiki not just as a healing system, but as a personal spiritual development system. (Yes, I realize it has been taking me some time to get everything started, but sometimes the best things in life are really worth waiting for. Thus, I hope you will be patient with me.)
  2. To teach martial arts as a path for spiritual development. Martial arts is a spiritual development system, though unfortunately, it is not often taught as such. Ever since Western society was exposed to Bruce Lee and other great martial artists, there has been a fascination with traditional (Oriental) martial arts. However, this fascination came with almost a blind perspective that martial arts is all about fighting. Everyone wanted to know how to hit harder, hit faster, move faster, be stronger, without understanding that what the saw physically comes from a spiritual awareness. Traditional martial arts like kung fu, karate, and taekwondo come from a rich background of spiritual teachings. Have people forgotten or ignored the fact that monks were also skilled in martial arts? (Reference: Shaolinquan) The spiritual teachings of martial arts should not be lost. Training in a martial art is a deeply rewarding experience, provided you have the right teachers. I was lucky to have some very good teachers, teachers who were not only good at the physical part of martial art, but also in understanding the spiritual basis of it. Frankly, you cannot be a good martial artist without the spiritual awareness (my instructors were good because of the spiritual awareness). Without the spirituality, a martial art diminishes into just a fighting sport (and that part of it is hard on its own). Thus, it is my goal to explore this aspect of martial arts and one day share what I learn with others.
  3. To be able to help others learn and grow spiritually. In order to help others develop spiritually, I also need to maintain my spiritual development. Thus, one of my goals has been to learn as much as I can about my chosen spiritual path. For me, this is paganism and Wicca. I have been studying Wicca for just as long as I have been studying martial arts, but I have always had an interest in spirituality since adolescence. (I truly wish I could have studied martial arts as a child, but at least I get to study it now. :D) I have studied astrology off and on for over 15 years and I have studied tarot for just as long. Studying Wicca seemed to be a natural extension of my occult leanings. Since I first became interested in Wicca, I was fortunate to find a great community where I could learn more about Wicca. I am referring to the Wiccan Church of Canada (WCC). It is there that I found many who could teach me. For a while I was not sure about continuing my studies to become a member of Priesthood (I spent some time reviewing my personal reasons for wanting to be part of Priesthood), but it started to become clear to me that it was something that I was being drawn to do, whether I consciously chose to or not. Thus, I have continued with my lessons and studies in this. I should probably state that I do not teach Wicca at this time, as I am not an initiated Priestess of a Wicca tradition. I also do not know if at all I will be accepting Wicca students through my website. While I do know a bit about Wicca, the information I provide on my website is based on my own personal life and experience. Thus, I hope to be able to teach by writing about my own spiritual path.

The above three are my three main goals for myself and my website. These three things have become a part of who I am and therefore, have become a large part of what Brigid’s Flame is about. Finally and most of all, Brigid’s Flame is a journey much like my spiritual path. The journey is there for you and whatever you wish to make of it. I hope Brigid’s Flame will continue to be a part of that.

Brigid’s Flame


  1. Regarding my studies in Wicca, I have recently decided to drop my studies at the WCC for various reasons – not least of which is that I feel I have learned all I can there. Please read my recent blog,, for some of the many reasons I have decided to drop my studies.

    I still hope that by writing about my own spirituality I will be teaching others.

    Brigid’s Flame


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  2. I am so grateful for your blog article.Really thank you! Fantastic.


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