Temporarily Boycotting Twitter due to Censorship Issue

As a minor form of protest against Twitter suspending Guy Adams’ account (in effect censoring him), I won’t be signing into Twitter until I hear that they’ve reinstated his account. If they don’t reinstate his account, I will be considering deactivating my Twitter account. For now, my blog posts (from Pneumatised!), Tumblr posts, and Plurks will still auto-Tweet via those respective sites. People can also follow me on Google+, where I frequently post publicly.

What Guy Adams had to say about Twitter suspending his account (click the title link after to see his full article)


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  1. Susan Jung Says:

    I’m sorry but this comment has nothing to do with twitter. I tried emailing you, but it bounced back. Here is my email. Sorry for the intrusion:
    I am a Chinese-American whose parents came from Toishan. I grew up speaking it around the house, but my parents are now dead (actually my father died 20 years ago today) and I don’t get to practice (living now in Washington, DC). Thank you for storing the audio files from the Defense Language Institute’s ‘Chinese-Cantonese (Toishan) Basic Course’. I have downloaded them and when I went to download the text from the link you gave below:
    “You can download the text material from Defense Language Institute’s ‘Chinese-Cantonese (Toishan) Basic Course’.”, it gave me a message than it was no longer available due to possible containment of SSNs, etc.

    If you have this pdf, would it be possible for you to email it to me? I am anxious to brush up on my Toishanese. I can understand half of what is on the audio files, but need the text to learn what I don’t know. This would be greatly appreciated as I am planning a trip to my father’s village next year.

    Thank you.

    Susan Jung


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