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Countdown to 10k and Black Belt Test – 11 weeks 3 days

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It was such a nice day today, I decided that a run would be a good idea. I decided to go for a mile and a half run. I got a little too warm with the sun still shining strong, but it was better than being too cold. My time today was 12 minutes 30 seconds – my best time for the mile and a half so far. This works out to 8 minutes 20 seconds for a mile. Not bad. I will try to run a mile and a half more often as it is now less than three months until I run the 10k and test for my second dan black belt. Hehe… I have this joke in my head that my black belt is waiting at the finish line. 😉

Starting on May 6, I have black belt training scheduled every weekend. I expect I will be ultra-busy and will need uber-rest in the upcoming months.

Today’s official countdown: 11 weeks, 3 days left to go.

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