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Countdown to 10k and Black Belt Test – 11 weeks left

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My gumdo test was yesterday. Yay, I’m a green belt now, and I get to learn some new patterns. I ended up taking class first and then we did the test right after class. I was tired, but quite happy to have that over with.

I didn’t go to the do jang today. I figured I deserved a break.

Eleven weeks left until the 10k and black belt test.

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  1. I put “black belt” into a blog search engine and found your site. Gumdo — that’s a Korean version of kenjutsu (Japanese swordfighting), right? Seldom written about, but true, is that weapons came first in the martial arts. The samurai regarded his sword as his soul. Good luck on your 2nd dan test.


    Comment by John Vesia — 2006/04/24 @ 14:24

  2. MM,

    Yes, gumdo is a Korean version of kendo. It is probably slightly different in practice, as it would have been mixed in with any pre-existing Korean martial art forms. My upcoming black belt test is in taekwondo, which I have to admit is my first love when it comes to martial arts.

    Hm… you make an interesting point the history of weapons and open-hand fighting. Though it is quite possible they developed around the same time, at least in Korea. Korean martial arts are generally traced back to its Silla Dynasty (668 AD – 935 AD). Though I have not had time to research the history fully (it’s on my “to-do” list for this site sometime), taekwondo generally traces back to an early martial art form called tae kyon (c. 50 B.C.), and Haidong Gumdo traces its roots to the Samurang (popularly known as the Samurai from Japanese culture) of the Kokuryu dynasty.

    As I said though, I have not yet researched the history in more depth, and history can always be disputed.

    Thank you for your comment and please look around the website more.

    Brigid’s Flame


    Comment by fey_morgaina — 2006/04/26 @ 13:25

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