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Novel Time

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A while back, I posted that I was reading Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series. I finally got around to finishing book three, The Dragon Reborn. Interesting books. Captivating. I just can’t believe there are eleven books in the series so far, at least three of which consist of more than 900 pages. Book four, The Shadow Rising, is over 900 pages. Before I can delve into that though, I decided to read Battle Royale by Koushun Takami (the novel version, not the manga, though the manga is probably quite interesting). This book has been lying around tempting me since Nathan bought it to read. I also have to read Nathan’s second novel, which I promised I would as soon as I finished reading book three of The Wheel of Time. Well, at least I have some interesting reading to keep me busy when I’m resting from my workouts the next eight weeks. I expect I will be fairly tired and needing loads of proper rest (writing will be very difficult for me to do during this time, but I will make an effort to keep at the reiki manuals).

So, okay, time to get back to reading.

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