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Duran Duran is here!

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Lucky me! I got tickets for Duran Duran’s concert tonight. This should be interesting considering I’ve never been to a paid concert before. (Seen enough of those street concerts for free…) Duran Duran was a band I grew up with and during the height of their popularity, I wished I somehow had the money to go see their concert (I was only a young lass then). Since then, I never really got the urge to go see any concert. (I was more into the dance scene anyway and could get into clubs for free and then there’s the rave scene…) So, this is somehow fitting. The first concert I see is the first band I ever really liked. I never thought they would last this long though, honestly. They split up so soon after reaching stardom. It was a surprise hearing the original five members were back together. That somehow makes seeing them now ever more intriguing. Not many people get to have their childhood fantasy of seeing their then favourite band back together.

So tonight is the concert and I get to go. 😀 Taking Nate with me, even though he’s not that into this sort of music. He really has no choice, he’s my date and bodyguard!

Back later with a review (possibly)

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