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Taekwondo Videos – Demo, Olympic Sparring, and Patterns

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I have been experiencing the wealth of entertainment and information available through I was primarily looking at taekwondo olympic sparring videos, but I found some other interesting taekwondo videos.

I thought for those readers on here who have little or no clue as to what the training is about in taekwondo that the videos might provide some insight. As well, I found these videos to be especially inspiring (even though I already have a black belt – there is always room for improvement). These videos show what can be possible with taekwondo (though admittedly, not every black belt in taekwondo can do this stuff). What is shown here is the “cream of the crop” in taekwondo.

The first two videos are of the Korean Tigers, a taekwondo demonstration team, not to be confused with the Korean National Taekwondo Demonstration Team. You will note the amount of acrobatics/gymnastics mixed in with the martial arts in the demo. Gymnastics is one thing I wish I learned when I was younger. It’s one of those things that is hard to pick up as an adult. I would like to make a comment about mixing acrobatics and martial arts. Some people think that acrobatics is unnecessary to martial arts. While it may be true that acrobatics is not needed to adequately defend yourself, that does not mean that some acrobatics can’t complement and enhance martial arts techniques. Acrobatics combined with martial arts can make one more elusive and harder to catch (think ninja here).

Korean Tigers at Paris in 2003. (Warning: Korean dance music plays 😉 )

Korean Tigers again!

Below is another demo video. Having seen someone kick an apple off a sword blindfolded before, I have to say it’s amazing to watch. It’s both thrilling and a little scary – as I don’t want the person to slice their foot. One of my former instructors, Master J.J. Park, used to do this for a demo. His was, I think, a 540 spinning hook kick blindfolded. Funny enough, when I think about it, it may have been that particular stunt that landed Master Park a job working on Jackie Chan’s stunt team. (Master Park now has his own do jang in Milton, Ontario called JSC Taekwondo. You can read a short bio of him at Urban Warriors, another do jang run by a former taekwondo instructor of mine.

Next, I have a load of sparring videos, mostly from the last summer olympics in Athens (2004). First up, we have the men’s heavyweight division gold medal match. In this video, Korea defeats Greece with a lucky spinning hook kick (I say lucky because the Korean competitor didn’t mean to execute the kick. In an interview, he said that the Greek competitor stepped on his right foot by accident and as he tried to move he slipped and his foot came up to land a TKO/technical knock out. Although, it doesn’t look that way on video. I think the guy is being modest. Oh, and a nice story behind this match. After winning, the Korean went and gave his Greek competitor a hug, and then they ran around the ring together hand in hand to the fans appreciation – this was in Athens after all. Apparently, the two guys were friends who have trained together before.) Anyway, enjoy the video. And yes, these guys are moving that fast.

Next up is women’s gold medal match for the fly weight division (this is actually what my division would be if I competed). Here we watch Taiwan defeat Cuba. According to Wikipedia, Chen Shih Hsin is the first Taiwanese athlete to win a gold medal at the olympics.

The next three videos are highlights of taekwondo at the 2004 Olympics in Athens. These videos are great to watch. Taekwondo sparring at its best.

The Showdown! This was apparently a competition held in Sarnia, Ontario at a nightclub complete with live DJ. The Showdown featured major taekwondo competitors.

Now, for a change of pace. In case you thought taekwondo was all flash and competition. Below are two videos showing all eight colour belt patterns (taeguk il jang through to pal jang) and eight of the nine black belt patterns. If anyone is studying or is interested in studying taekwondo, here’s what you need to know. Please note that the below videos are meant for instructional purposes and consequently, the patterns are done a little slower than normal. You can also find videos of the patterns at the Kukkiwon website

I personally find doing martial arts patterns to be quite meditative. I find a sense of peace with myself when I’m doing them because I have to focus only on myself and not worry about anything else (or anyone else). In addition, proper breathing technique while doing patterns helps activate chi (or ki), which is very good for the body and the spirit.

Colour belt patterns – the Taeguks

Black belt patterns

Well, I hope you enjoy the videos and found them somewhat informative as to what my training involves. I have to say I have the utmost respect for those olympic taekwondo medalists. They probably train hours on end every day. In the end, having the gold medal placed around their neck must feel like it was all worth it.

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  1. this is a nice page u have here. u know in that showdown video im in it? im the first person in red that threw that 360 to that guys head..

    where did u find that video?

    if u have a my space message me on that. i left my link above

    hope to hear from u


    Comment by Bernard — 2006/07/07 @ 18:28

  2. Hi,

    Always nice to meet another taekwondoist. Someone posted the video on

    Anyway, today is my black belt test (2nd dan :D), so I have to get ready.



    Comment by fey Morgaina — 2006/07/08 @ 03:48

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