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Training update – June 19, 2006

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I ended up missing taekwondo on Saturday and Sunday. I was feeling a little tired, and I had a sore throat. I think it must have been the weather and the hospital visit this week. It was quite humid the past few days. Today is a nice reprieve.

Monday, I managed to get into the do jang for taekwondo class. I had a chance to practice the stuff I want to do for the demo. I’m planning on doing one of the palgwe (the old set of WTF patterns). I also finally decided on what I want to do for my demo breaks, though I’m not sure how many boards we’re allowed. For the test, I still need to study the history of taekwondo and the Korean terminology. Still loads to do.

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to get to the do jang and then the gym after for some conditioning training.

Official countdown: 18 days left

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