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Reiki Level Two Certified

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I have just completed my Reiki level 2 course. I am now a certified Reiki level 2.

Now, the reason I emphasize “certified” is because I already knew the Reiki symbols prior to taking the level 2 course (I am quite good at researching topics I’m interested in) and I could already send energy, even Reiki energy, distantly. Being magically inclined, I am familiar with sending energy to people. However, because I felt that people might prefer to see some certification instead of just my base claim (that I could send energy distantly), I decided that I should continue with the Reiki training and complete Reiki level 2 and eventually Reiki level 3.

In addition, even if I am already familiar with some things, there is always something new to learn by sharing experiences. Such was the case with my Reiki 2 course. I learned some interesting techniques that I’m sure I would never have thought of and might not have heard of before. So, it was time and money well spent.

My goal now is to finish the Reiki training in the next 6 months. This means that I will be able to teach Reiki as well as provide treatments. In addition to teaching Reiki as it was taught to me, I will likely add in techniques that I have learned through my experiences with mysticism and magic. Some of this will be similar to Reiki and some of it might not be. Either way, after I finish my Reiki training, I will be able to offer people something interesting that perhaps will be new to them. (In instances where I am teaching people techniques that are not specific to Reiki, I will specify so that people will know what is Reiki and what is not.)

For those interested, I received my Reiki level 2 from Barb Keshen. If you have not read my bio on my main website, I received Reiki level 1 from Nancy Peel.

May you be blessed with healing energy!
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