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Pre-test Jitters and Weird Dreams


I decided to stay home on Tuesday instead of going to the do jang. I kind of jolted awake from a strange dream, the kind where you get a message of some sort. So, I ended up staying home figuring out what my dream was about. Weird, just weird.

I did go over the stuff I needed to do for the test on Saturday and Sunday though. I’m not worried about my techniques as I know my techniques are good, but I just needed to refresh my mind. I went over the patterns and the one-step sparring we need to do. Basically, I went over the curriculum.

Last night, I studied the history of taekwondo. I think I studied enough, but I will need to refresh my mind. I still need to go over the terminology.

Tomorrow, I’ll either go for a run or the do jang. I plan on going to the gym for some conditioning. My knee needs the weight training.

I’m getting antsy about the test on Saturday now. I just want to get it over with. I have so much to do after the test and demo is over. I’ll need a nice little break too, even though I have other work to get done. I’m still planning on getting my reiki classes started for autumn, but still so much writing to do for that.

Pre-test jitters… I feel like I can’t do anything else but think about taekwondo.

Official countdown: 75 hours remaining.

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