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Short Message for Spammers

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This message is for those “lovely” spammers who like to hit my blog every so often.

Spammers, just because I said that people can comment on here does NOT include you. I do have a spam filter application on the blog, so your message won’t get through. In addition, if your message is not caught by the spam filter, I can mass delete spam attempts through my moderating options. Sheesh, don’t you people have anything else to do than waste other people’s time? Get a life.


  1. Hi, I am thinking about buying the TM2428WXCi from futureshop. I have looked into this model at the store and feel the machine tends to be very slow (not smooth)when opening up more than 4 window applications. I do the same thing on Acer As3624WXCi with celeron cpu and 512 mb ram, which I feel it reacts faster. Is it because TM2428WXCi has only 256 mb ram? If that is the cause, I am going to upgrade some ram on it. On paper, TM2428 should be faster than the As3624WXCi. Of course, it’s a $599.99 machine, but it should not perform so bad like in my trial.

    I read some complaint from website that TM2428’s cpu (Pentium M 735a with 533Mhz FSB) was mounted on a incompatible chipset (Intel 910GML which support only 400 Mhz FSB, see

    Do you know what ‘s the chipset model on yours? If it is Intel 915 (see , it would be fine.

    I only heard about this info from website. So, any opinion?


    Comment by Elvin — 2006/08/10 @ 14:23

  2. Hello,

    Well, considering everything works fine after two weeks of continued use, I’d say the AcerTM2428 from Future Shop works well. You would be best to upgrade the RAM to 512 if you are really concerned about speed. As for me, I’m fairly patient with a computer (as long as it doesn’t take minutes for something to open, I’m fine).

    The model I got from Future Shop has the following in terms of platform:

    Intel Centrino featuring:
    Intel Pentium M processor 735a
    Mobile Intel 915GM express chipset (so should be compatible chipset)

    If you buy the Acer TM2428 and some extra RAM, it should run fine. You may also consider running Debian GNU/Linux instead of WindowsXP Home edition (that the store sells with it). On my laptop, Debian runs well, WindowsXP is slow. I happen to be lucky that I live with someone quite knowledgeable in computers.

    Hope that helps!



    Comment by fey Morgaina — 2006/08/15 @ 12:49

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