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Changes and renewal

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The past year has been an year of personal growth for me by turning inward. During the past year, there were many things I had to work through, and I’m glad to say that I seem to have gotten through this period without any emotional scars. In fact, it has been a healing cycle for me. At the same time, I have learned a few things and some interesting lessons. These lessons have been necessary for the next stage of my spiritual path, and for that I thank the deities who watch over me. (Coincidentally, for those who know a bit about astrology, Saturn made a conjunction to my natal Sun this year. This translated to dealing with a lot of restrictions and boundaries, but it turns out this was good for me.)

A new cycle has started for me as mentioned in a previous post. So far it has been interesting. It seems the adjustment period right now will be the hardest – opportunities still like ahead of me, all I need to do is step through. It is funny that what you ask for sometimes is the hardest thing to do.

This cycle is also another one of renewal. Last year, I ended up taking time off from my Wiccan group so that I can focus on some other aspects of my development. Though I have not completed quite everything I wanted to, I have been able to return to the group and continue where I left off. In this, I feel that I am moving forward instead of just turning my wheels.

For this website and this blog, this means that I will be able to write about some other things that I have been wanting to write about in addition to what I have been writing the past year. I hope that readers will find this an interesting addition to this blog.

Thus, I shall end this blog by writing a bit about my group ritual this week. It was an interesting ritual based around the theme of changes at this time. Being a small Wiccan group, we each spoke about some of the changes that were happening in our lives lately. Then, since it was Harvestide (our autumn equinox Sabbat), we celebrated with a little feast and chatting. We did something a little different by calling upon our higher selves to join in the ritual and celebration. The ritual energy was nice and quiet, somewhat meditative which seems to suit this time of year. Overall, nice, relaxed. I felt quite grounded afterwards. 🙂 Though I wonder if I felt grounded because I was the earth element for the ritual. I made up a purification based upon the Chinese character for mountain. It had a nice earth feel. After I got home, I got the sense that I needed to write some additional verses to the purification that could be used as well by expanding the earth part and writing parts for air, fire, and water. I will need to set aside some time to reflect on this.

Blessings and Happy Autumn Equinox,
Brigid’s Flame

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