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Running Days – October 7 and 9, 2006

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I went for a two-mile run on Saturday, October 7. I was missing my running again. The two-mile run was hard. My time has slowed down a bit since I have not been able to keep up with the running recently. (I blame it on the bad weather in September. It was cold and dark. October so far seems to be warmer and brighter.) The time for my first mile was 9 minutes 6 seconds, more than a minute too slow. The time for the second mile was 9 minutes 4 seconds. My total time was 18 minutes 10 seconds for two miles.

I tried to do another run on Monday, October 9, but I was a little dehydrated and made the mistake of drinking water right before my run. I ended up with cramps at three-quarter of a mile. I basically spent about 17 minutes walking and running a mile and a half route. I didn’t track the time well for this run since I cramped and ended up walking so much. I just gave up on the time and focused on getting the exercise instead. After I was almost home, I managed a sprint. It took that much walking to get rid of the slight cramps.

I plan on getting some more running in this week if I can. Between taekwondo, the gym, and running, it’s a wonder I can stay awake and get things done. I need to increase the amount of running and the distance I run soon because the 10k run at my do jang is on November 3. I have to at least get up to a 5 km (3.25 miles) run. I have to run 5 km at least twice to be ready for the 10k run again.

Okay, it’s raining right now and I’ve been up since 3 a.m. – I think it’s time I get some more food and some rest.

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