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Reiki Courses Coming Soon

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My Reiki One manual is complete and I’ve just about finished my Reiki Two manual. I have one appendix left to write in the Reiki Two manual. Next, I need to finish my teaching outlines and notes and review the two manuals I’ve completed. Then, I will have to make a good start on the Reiki Three manual.

It seems I’m almost ready to start teaching Reiki One and Two classes. I’m thinking November might too soon for me as I have quite a bit going on right now, December might be too busy for everyone as it is the holiday season, that leaves me with January. In the new year, I will try to schedule some days to teach Reiki One and Two classes.

Starting in November, I am available for private informal teaching for Reiki One. Right now, I have one person studying Reiki One with me. I’ve scheduled her classes to start in November. The private informal teaching is available for those who aren’t too keen on studying reiki in a formal class setting and will allow more one-on-one interaction between me and the student. If you are interested, please send me an email. Make sure your subject line is appropriately titled so I do not mistake it for junk mail. I will reply as soon as I am able.

Be sure to check here every so often for updates. When I have class dates and times scheduled I will be posting them here as well as on Brigid’s Flame.

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