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Duties of the Summoner

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A friend asked me recently about my role as Summoner at the WCC. Since I haven’t had a chance to explain my duties as Summoner on here, I thought I’d post my reply to my friend.

“The number one priority of the Summoner is the safety of the High Priestess of the coven. In this case, it is Tamarra who is High Priestess of the WCC. Next, is the safety of the High Priestess of the ritual, that is, the Priestess who is leading the ritual that night. Third is the safety of the Hand/maiden, who is responsible for the archive of the temple and for ensuring that something remains of the traditions in the case of something tragic. Fourth is the sanctity of the ritual and the ritual space. The Summoner has to ensure that no physical danger threatens the ritual and its participants. The Summoner is also known as the Gatekeeper because indoors the Summoner stands guard at the door. The Summoner’s other job is to be messenger to the community. During a ritual night, the Summoner will give notice as to the start of the ritual (such as 10 minutes to, 5 minutes to). At the start of the ritual, the Summoner will have the people line up, recite the Summoner’s Charge, and lead them to the temple (or when outdoors, the the ritual spot). On a ritual night, the Summoner is responsible for greeting new people to the community (practical as the Summoner needs to know who can be trusted in the community). The Summoner is also responsible for any medical emergencies. However, since the first priority of the Summoner is the safety of the High Priestess (Tamarra) and the High Priestess of the ritual, the Summoner will require assistants to help with medical emergencies. Basically, on top of being the guard for the High Priestess, the Summoner is essentially “head of security” for the community. It is not the Summoner’s job to be involved with any politics of the WCC, but the Summoner has to be aware of what is going on internally. The final duty of the Summoner is to find a suitable replacement at the end of the term, and to continue serving until such replacement is found.”

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