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Last Few Rituals for January

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Last week, my group did a house blessing for one of the coven members. House blessings are very simple in theory, but pretty tiring to do. I was quite tired when I got home.

Public ritual on the 28th was a ritual for change and transformation dedicated to Brighid and Lugh. It involved melting down candle stubs left over from previous public rituals in the cauldron. We had a nice fire going. For me a controlled fire is always uplifting. I thought the ritual was nicely performed and I enjoyed it very much, although being Summoner I didn’t participate.

This week is Imbolc. In fact, today is the traditional day to celebrate Imbolc. At first, I was thinking of doing something at home tonight (it’s also a full moon), but instead Nathan and I decided to go see Pan’s Labyrinth. We thought the preview looked interesting and so far, I’ve heard good reviews from friends. So, it’s a movie date tonight. 😀

Public ritual this Sunday will be celebrating Imbolc. (It is also the first day of spring according to the Chinese calendar, as on that day, the sun will be at 15 degrees Aquarius. See my previous blog entry.). It will be Celtic-focused and is dedicated to the three faces of Brighid, the patron of my website. I’m looking forward to the ritual. In fact, Imbolc was the first ritual I attended at WCC.

Brigid’s Flame

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