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Rituals in March

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It’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve been crazy busy as usual, but I’m finished working on something important, so hopefully things should ease up for me.

Public ritual on March 11th was a song and music ritual. It reminded us of how we learn from music and song. Ah, the stories you can tell with just one song.

Ritual on March 18th was public sabbat – spring equinox. Yay! It’s finally spring. Is it warm enough yet? Time to stop hibernating? The ritual was dedicated to Artemis, Greek maiden huntress.

My private group met only once this past month. It’s been crazy for everyone lately. We met up for a spring equinox ritual where we blew eggs and then coloured them. We made something yummy with the eggs, of course. Mmm… the wonderful taste of blessings from the gods.

Public ritual on the 25th was dedicated to the community. We have at WCC a stone which we call the “Teutates stone”. Teutates is a Celtic god of the tribe and the people – very much a community god. The stone was found years ago in a riverbed. It was half buried in the riverbed, and the other half was not even in the river. This is very significant because the Celtic worldview consists of land, sea, and sky. A place that featured land, sea, and sky was held to be very sacred. This stone came to WCC already sacred and was thus named for Teutates. The ritual gave people a chance to hold and commune with the stone for a bit. A nice ritual. It is often nice for people to be reminded that they are still a part of the community, even if they only come out to public ritual once in a while.

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