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Taekwondo and Meditation

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Yes, I know this blog has been quiet as of late. It’s partly because, like everyone else, I need time to myself. It’s also partly because I haven’t had time to write. So there… that’s my excuse.

Lately, I’ve been busy keeping up with my workout schedule and doing taekwondo. So much for me still to learn. Technically, I could have received 2nd dan this year, but decided last year after receiving my first dan that I needed to let my knee do some more healing and that it wasn’t worth sacrificing my knee to rush to get 2nd dan (besides, how good will I be with a bad knee?). However, it is only recently that my knee has felt pretty good so I’ve been training hard like before (but paying attention to when my knee tells me I’ve had enough). Either way, I guess I’m getting ready for next year really early! I’m just NOT going to blow out my knee again in the process.

I’ve also been doing more meditation than usual (part of my training towards Wiccan Priesthood). So far the meditation has been interesting. It has always helped me in some way such as clearing out my thoughts or focussing more on one thing. I’ve also used meditation to help me with my taekwondo patterns (“poomse” in Korean). It’s almost as if I have a little video camera in my head, I can see myself three dimensionally moving, doing my techniques. I discovered early on that this helps me train my muscles to do what I want them to do. For me, it seems to be a process of if I can see it in my mind, I can do it physically (and sometimes much better than before).

Today’s meditation has motivated me again. Hence, me writing on this blog today! Hehe. I feel quite energized and awake today and focussed on the things I need to do. Though I’m sure at some point, my head will get all cluttered again. Ah, it’s just the way of things. I’ll just do more meditation.

I guess there are two messages I’m trying to convey in this blog entry today. One, meditation is really good for motivation and is energizing. Two, meditation can enhance martial arts.

So, okay, can’t wait for the concrete next year. Bring it on!

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