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Public ritual – April 1

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Ritual last Sunday was a beautiful dance and music ritual dedicated to waking up the goddess as it is now spring. It has been a little cold lately, so perhaps the goddess needs some encouragement?

The whole ritual was done by dance or music, in particular drumming. Beautifully put together and performed. The Priestess portrayed the goddess who was asleep during the winter months, then she woke up to the sound of our music and dancing.

The only criticism I have about the ritual is that the drumming was too loud for an enclosed area. The drumming was sustained at 100 decibels during a few parts of the ritual. Now concerts reach 100 decibels, but those are held in a much larger enclosure. Our temple fits comfortably thirty people. I don’t really think for thirty people in a small room we need drumming at a 100 decibels.

If they can manage to control the volume of the drumming next time this particularly ritual is done, it will be one of my favourites.

After the ritual, I was reminded of the Korean sword dancing. As Summoner, I couldn’t dance that night. (Oh well, that’s my sacrifice this year!) I ended up thinking about how I could dance with a staff, if it was made for my height. Then, I thought of the Korean sword dance. Hopefully someday I have time for that.

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