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Taekwondo meeting

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I went to the do jang this past Saturday for a black belt meeting. Afterwards, I practiced some patterns and the one-step sparring techniques. It’s been a while. I’ve been missing the do jang. The past two weeks have been one thing after another. Last week, I was a little tired and stressed so I was at home pretty much absorbing myself in something relaxing and amusing. In any case, I have to go in this week. Maybe I can get in the do jang later tonight (class is at 7), and I promised to go in tomorrow. Probably would be good for me. It helps with the stress.

Lately though, it seems that Monday and Tuesday are my weekend days. Sunday nights are so busy and sometimes crazy, I like to have Monday to relax. Good thing I have a flexible schedule. Nice to not have to work for someone. Then on Tuesdays, I can try to get things organized in my head again. LOL Okay, back to organizing my thoughts. Hoping, hoping to get in the do jang tonight if I can.

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