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I’ve been busy since last Thurday, but I managed to get in a run on Monday afternoon before teaching reiki. It felt good to run again, even though it was a tad hard since the last time I ran was in November. I’ve done some cardio at the gym on the bicycle since November, but running is slightly different. I ran half a mile to the bank, and then did a short errand. Then ran one mile home. My time was a little slow, but that’s to be expected. Hopefully, my speed will increase again.

I didn’t get into the do jang last week like I hoped, but I will tomorrow. I promised myself, and I need to be teaching more often. With everything at WCC, it’s been hard to go in and teach taekwondo regularly. Perhaps though, it would help relieve some stress and tension. Plus, I do feel bad that my taekwondo Master has been trying to get me in more often. He recently opened a do jang in Barrie. Thus, he needs more help in this do jang now. Well, at least there’s motivation for me to go. I really don’t mind teaching, but it helps to know if people appreciate it.

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