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TTWG moon ritual

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May 31st was a full moon. I ended up doing a ritual for TTWG. Actually it was supposed to be a combined ritual with my group.

It was fun to do a full moon ritual. I did a ritual to Hekate and Hermes. The ritual was about magic since it was a blue moon. A full moon is considered powerful for magic. A blue moon is the second full moon in a month, happens about every 2.5 years, and is thus more powerful than an ordinary full moon. The ritual was fairly simple. Some brief words about magic, and then we spent time absorbing the power of the blue moon.

Unfortunately, it rained earlier that day so the ground was wet and damp and there were lots of mosquitoes. I got uncomfortably bit on my hand and on my legs (where the repellent rinsed off when I was cleaning up afterwards – have to be more careful with applying the repellent; otherwise it works).

Overall, it was fun to do a ritual for a small group. There were five of us in total, and I was happy to do a public ritual – good practice for me.

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