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Cleaning house and website update

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Where did a month go? It seems like time passes by too fast. I spent the past month, first just reading a bit of The Wheel of Time because I didn’t feel like doing much since my kitty passed on, then I started cleaning up my whole place. I had a pile of stuff in the hall closet that I needed to sort through and get rid of – mostly papers. This took quite a while. Then I spent some time going through other things, re-arranging in order to make more room in my apartment. I spent a lot of time reviewing things I had written over the past… oh, probably about ten years.

Let’s see… I had old notes from college to sort through. I already threw out my notes from university years ago, but I still had notes from my law clerk course because some of the stuff is practical. I have old assignments that amuse me whenever I happen to read them. Whenever I read something that I wrote before I’m always kind of puzzled that I wrote it. That’s just me, I guess. I spend a lot of time writing sometimes that I think I forget what I wrote. Then I sorted through a lot of research I did on various topics. Loads of paper for that! I can’t believe I printed things out so much. So much paper, so much wasted space. Of course, I did print double-sided or print on scrap paper when I could. I also spent some time looking at notes I had on Wicca and various related subjects. I still have two binders with notes I made from the WCC classes over the years with attachments of related website articles and/or book excerpts. Sheesh! I’m very happy the internet has gotten to where it is, because I can do most of my research now online and keep everything on digital instead of lying around on paper in boxes gathering dust bunnies. I’m going to toss out the notes in the binders once I update my digital notes with the appropriate articles attached to them.

Such is how I ended up updating my website this week. I’ve actually been meaning to for a while now, but just wasn’t in the mood too. I think my house cleaning spree happened during the Mercury retrograde in Gemini – go figure! Of course, I’m cleaning out paper and reviewing things I’d written over the years.

Okay, here’s what’s new on the website…

1) Two new web pages. The first is a web page highlighting some writing I did that was inspired by my Dedication. The page is called appropriately, “A Dedication”. The second is called “Pagan Poems”, and it features pagan poetry from a talented friend of mine. She doesn’t have an online presence, so I asked if she minded I post her poems for her on my website. She was very pleased with the idea.

2) On “My Creative Writing (the early years)”, I have added a piece I’m calling “Our Happiness/Games”. It’s actually two smaller poems comprising one. It’s also one of those naive, hopeless romantic poems, but I think it was well-written for what it is. I kind of like it better than all the other naive, hopeless romantic poems I wrote in the past, probably because it wasn’t as hopelessly romantic anymore. I was getting fed up with the situation when I wrote it.

3) On “My Creative Writing”, there is a cute little piece called “Love’s Journey”. It amused me to read it after five years. So much has changed, but yet so much remains the same.

4) Lastly, on “My Ritual-based Writing”, I’ve added a whole slew of things after the general god and goddess calls.

There you have it. Something new to mull over.

In other news… I hope to write at least one book in the next few years (one of the many reasons I’ve not been writing too much on here lately). I have a few different novel ideas, but I’ll have to decide which one to write first. For now though, I’ve been clearing out old stuff to allow my brain a chance to think of new things. Strange how that all works. There’s just been too much clutter lately, physically and mentally. Yes, cleaning house has been a magical process for cleaning out my mind.

Okay, now that that’s done I can move onto the next thing… which is getting some much deserved rest!


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